Iron Builder 2.0 - Round 9 - Legohaulic vs BruceyWan

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    The latest round of Iron Builder has begun!

    The Battle Begins!
    In the coming weeks Tyler and Bruce will post their various MOCs below.

    Iron Builder is a contest sponsored by the Builder's Lounge group on Flickr. In the past, it has been more of a private contest ( though many many of the excellent entries have seen the light via Brother's Brick and other popular LEGO blogs ) and we have decided to more readily share the MOCs with non Lounge members by posting them as a common thread for everyone to enjoy.

    The basic rules of the contest require that the two builder's receive a batch of the 'secret ingredient' part. In this case, the Azure Modified 1 x 1 clip light.

    The two builders have one month to produce as many high end builds as possible to submit to the panel of judges.

    The winner of the contest becomes ( or remains ) one of the FOUR Iron Builders.

    Current IBs are:
    Olog ( Recently defended against Legoloverman )
    2MuchCaffeine ( recently defended against Lino )
    Legohaulic ( currently battling Bruceywan )
    Tadashistate ( recently defended against MonsterBrick )

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    1. Legodutch [deleted] 25 months ago | reply

      You are both amazing builders!

    2. Agent WHO 25 months ago | reply

      And with that, the Iron Builder closes... It was really cool seeing this shape up, can't wait for the results!

    3. -Mainman- 25 months ago | reply

      Definitely one for the history books. Well played, gentlemen, well played!

    4. Dr. Burrito 25 months ago | reply

      Every single creation Bruce and Tyler made has something special to it. This is gonna be a hard one to decide!

      Bruce comes up with some pretty funny stuff, but Tylers insane skills of building give an advantage to him.

    5. AidanFlynn 25 months ago | reply

      This competition has been very close. But I think Tyler's gonna win. The way he can use parts is just crazy!

    6. I Scream Clone 25 months ago | reply

      Well the bar has been raised by these two fine builders. I pity the next few contestants (hope it's not me :O)
      This round will be long remembered by me and I imagine others, well played guys.

    7. Blake's Baericks 25 months ago | reply

      Wow. That is one of the best rounds I've seen in my limited time on Flickr. Great work gents!

    8. V&A Steamworks 25 months ago | reply

      Nannan and I don't want the loyal audience and Iron Builder fans to get a chance to catch their breath, so after you are done enjoying Tyler and Bruce's excellent work , take a peek at the next round about to start!

       Iron Builder 2.0 - Round 10 - 2MuchCaffeine vs. Pasukaru76!

    9. World War 1 tanker 25 months ago | reply

      I can't believe Bruce won! I wanted legohaulic to win.....

    10. fixydixy 25 months ago | reply

      Hats off to both of you.

    11. Legohaulic 25 months ago | reply

      As per the Iron Builder competition rules. I (the looser) have built a trophy for Bruce (the winner).

      I figure that anyone who beats me in a head to head (no pun intended) competition deserves to be able to mount my head on their wall. Thus I have created a Lowell sphere version of my head for Bruce to mount on his wall.
      Iron Builder Trophy

    12. meltybrain 25 months ago | reply

      wonderful trophy. bruce has caught an elusive Tyler.

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