Iron Builder 2.0 - Round 10 - 2MuchCaffeine vs. Pasukaru76!

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    The latest round of Iron Builder has begun!
    The Battle Begins!
    In the coming weeks Rod and Pascal will post their various MOCs below.

    Iron Builder is a contest sponsored by the Builder's Lounge group on Flickr. In the past, it has been more of a private contest ( though many many of the excellent entries have seen the light via Brother's Brick and other popular LEGO blogs ) and we have decided to more readily share the MOCs with non Lounge members by posting them as a common thread for everyone to enjoy.

    The basic rules of the contest require that the two builder's receive a batch of the 'secret ingredient' part. In this case, the Blue Torso Mechanical - Battle Droid

    The two builders have one month to produce as many high end builds as possible to submit to the panel of judges.

    The winner of the contest becomes ( or remains ) one of the FOUR Iron Builders.

    Current IBs are:
    Olog ( Recently defended against Legoloverman )
    2MuchCaffeine ( recently defended against Lino )
    Bruceywan ( recently dethroned Iron Buider Legohaulic )
    Tadashistate ( recently defended against MonsterBrick )

    Combatants fight for bragging rights and , more importantly, the winner is built a trophy by the conquered!

    Feel free to cheer for your favorite builder , encouragement is encouraged!

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    1. pasukaru76 52 months ago | reply

      Mech me this, mech me that...

      NCS Huntsman

    2. 2 Much Caffeine 52 months ago | reply

      Oops! Forgot to post this here previously...

      The Boonta Eve Classic

    3. V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 52 months ago | reply

      The showing has been excellent so far.

      One week left to go in the battle , last day for entries is the 30th.

      Best of luck to both of our competitors!

    4. V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 51 months ago | reply

      The Results are in!

      For our judges this round, I wanted some seasoned experienced builders. ( 2 ) of them are former IBs and one of them likes to spell his name backwards.

      Please welcome Legohaulic, SlyOwl and SirNadroj!

      Here's what they had to say about our handsome and daring contestants in what has been called the "Battle of the Vignettes" and "Aren't these both the same guy" ?


      Judge #1
      Building skill: 18/20
      Presentation: 20/20
      Use of mystery part: 16/20
      Total: 54/60

      Building skill: 17/20
      Presentation: 20/20
      Use of mystery part: 18/20
      Total: 55/60

      Well...I'm still not convinced that these two builders aren't the same person, but as far as online personas, Pasukara wins but only slightly. I had a really tough time deciding between the two. Both builders have almost identical styles of building and presentation. I really can't tell the difference between them on most of the MOCs. It took me a while to decide which builder should win and here's my explanation or rationalization for why.

      When it comes to building skill, I believe that Rod has a slight advantage. I feel that his models are more aesthetically pleasing and fun to look at. I also feel like there was a bit more time invested in most of his models.

      Presentation is a tie between the two. Both photograph their MOCs in almost the exact same way and it looks outstanding.

      Lastly, in regards to the use of the mystery part, I feel that Pascal wins here. While both builders used the part exclusively as mechanical bits, Pascal seemed to use the part in a more diverse way. Vacuums, conveyor belts, park benches, treads, and finally molecules have won me over in their variety. In my opinion, I feel that diversity of part usage holds more weight when tallying the final score.

      Congrats both of you on a battle well fought. I think we shall all remember the battle of the vignettes regardless of the victor.


      Judge #2

      Building skill: 16/20
      Presentation: 16/20
      Use of mystery part: 17/20
      Total: 49/60

      Building skill: 17/20
      Presentation: 17/20
      Use of mystery part: 14/20
      Total: 48/60

      This, in my opinion, is one of the closest Iron Builder competitions I’ve seen. All-around impressive entries from both sides, and it ended up being the little things that helped me score each contestant the way I did. Both of your models are very fun and very playful. Again, quality-wise both contestants produced comparable models - it seems that pasukaru76’s models were just *slightly* more complex technique-wise, which is why I scored that category 17-16 pasukaru76. Presentation was also borderline perfect on both sides, but the variety of pasukaru76’s photos made me score it 17-16 pasukaru76 again. Lastly was the use of mystery part, and this is what tipped the scale in 2muchcaffeine’s favor. I feel 2muchcaffeine used the mystery part a bit more prominently in his models than pasukaru76, and for me that is almost more important in this type of competition than the other two categories, so I had to score it 17-14 2muchcaffeine, which tips the scale in 2muchcaffeine’s favor 49-48. Well done all around gents!


      Judge #3

      Building skill: 17/20
      Presentation: 18/20
      Use of mystery part: 16/20
      Total: 51/60

      Building skill: 18/20
      Presentation: 17/20
      Use of mystery part: 18/20
      Total: 53/60

      Rod's use of the mystery part was really good - though evidently it does tend to lend itself to small vehicles! These on their own wouldn't have done so well, but coupled with the backdrops and thematic series, bumped them up to the next level. I thought the Boonta Eve Podrace was fantastic.

      Pascal's use was a bit more varied than Rod's, I thought - the cable car, the molecule and the small minifig scenes in particular pushed it ahead. As lots of people have said, it was tricky to know who was building what! However, I do think Chris' comment is worth noting - "What you have is awesome. but it needs more context."

      Certainly, it's a difficult part to use in blue - so kudos to both builders for getting such a range of models out of it. Great fun to watch.


      A close 2-1 split decision means.........

      Our winner is ....... Pascal!


      A new Iron Builder is born!

    5. I Scream Clone 51 months ago | reply

      Well done Pascal and 2MC, some really cool builds along the journey!

    6. V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 44 months ago | reply

      Here is the All Iron Builder flickr group

      Perhaps you will discover a past battle of bricks and blood that you missed.

      Feel free to look around and admire the Mad sKILLz.

      : )

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