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Iron Builder 2MuchCafeine vs Lino RESULTS | by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber
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Iron Builder 2MuchCafeine vs Lino RESULTS

For our judges for this round, I wanted to get a diverse sample of talented builder to weigh in on what I was sure would prove to be a challenging set of competitors for this round of Iron Builder


Judge #1 - Former Iron Builder - SlyOwl - aka Barney

Judge #2 - Geeky Tom - aka Tom Williamson ( you have seen his amazing minifig creations and trophies )

Judge #3 - Monsterbrick - aka Matt Armstrong

( what can I say about Matt? His photostream has been filled with one amazing build after another )


As I suspected, they came up with an extremely close split decision of 2 to 1 to arrive at our winner.

Here's the Results



Judge #1



Building skill: 17/20

Presentation: 14/20

Use of mystery part: 13/20

Total: 44/60



Building skill: 17/20

Presentation: 18/20

Use of mystery part: 14/20

Total: 49/60


Lino gets a lot of points for varying the presentation a lot, depending on the MOC - and also varying the subject matter. Rod varied it well too - just had he built a bit more, we might have seen a bit less of a steampunk skew! Well, that's his style (and Lino built another fish. Oh, and a car, of all things...), so no big issues there.

In terms of building skill, the lads were evenly matched - both displayed varying scales and styles, all done well.

The mystery part was an interesting one... it doesn't have such a defined feature of, say a yellow road sign (grrr...) or a Rakshi... thing, and so it had to be more of a launchpad into a MOC. On balance... taking a round grey thing and building a goldfish?! I have to hand it to Lino!


Oh, and forgot to add:

As always, I was very impressed by the varied usage of the mystery part and just flabbergasting MOCs that came out of this... I'm just going to go and cry in the corner now. Lots of jellybean points to both of you!




Judge #2



Building skill: 17/20

Presentation: 19/20

Use of mystery part: 18/20

Total: 54/60



Building skill: 18/20

Presentation: 18/20

Use of mystery part: 17/20

Total: 53/60


While I thought Lino's building skills slightly outstripped 2mc's, I thought his presentation could have been better. In the end it was presentation that tipped the scale.


My favorite MOC from 2mc was Hoth. Simple, clean and very effective, not to mention nicely shot and edited.


My favorite from Lino was Admiral snackbar. Not only exceptionally well built, it's also clever and humorous, two things I always like in a MOC.




Judge #3



Building skill: 20/20

Presentation: 20/20

Use of mystery part: 20/20

Total: 60/60



Building skill: 20/20

Presentation: 20/20

Use of mystery part: 19/20

Total: 59/60


Ok, it was tough deciding on who gets most points.....both had great builds and presentation in my mind's eye. The deciding factor was in the use of the part.....while I thought Lino was going to win with his kick arse monster.....I liked 2 much caffeine's use of the parts by one point I pull the rug out from under Lino and vote 2 much caffeine man. Hope that does not bite me in the arse later.


I found that Lino tends to hide the piece in his mocs While Rod utilized the shape more.

Thanx for allowing me to Judge!




CONGRATULATIONS to 2MuchCaffeine for the Win!


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Taken on November 28, 2011