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CubeDube Rancor and Keeper | by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber
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CubeDube Rancor and Keeper

For the Bricks to Bothans Contest


One of my favorite Star Wars creatures has always been the Rancor, and I loved the scene where his keeper's eyes teared up after that mean Luke Skywalker crunched him under the gate.


CubeDudes are always challenging in their simplicity. It's Soooooo tempting to add too much curvy form, but then you lose the spirit of Angus!



From the Wookiepedia


"Malakili was a Human from Corellia, creature tamer and servant of the Hutt gangster Jabba Desilijic Tiure on Tatooine. Malakili took care of Jabba's rancor. Malakili viewed the rancor as a kindhearted creature and a friend. At one point, the bloodthirsty gamblers demanded more violence. So Jabba ordered Malakili to train the rancor for battle, and had a special weapon harness built. Malakili fitted the rancor with the weapons harness and entered the dangerous "Demolition" games. Malakili forged a close bond with the creature, such that the rancor would allow Malakili to treat its wounds and eat meals with it. "


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Taken on October 25, 2010