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Crown Royale Infinity Rifle by V&A Steamworks

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Shakespeare said, "Boys playe with cars, Men playe with guns!"

In that spirit, I present the Crown Royale Infinity Rifle by V&A Steamworks.

This 100% LEGO powered implement of destruction is life size ( about 36 inches long ) and was built for the Builder's Lounge Iron Builder's competition.

Nuff Said!

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  1. Zombie CubeDudeLino 45 months ago | reply

    What am Lino talk about?

  2. CubeDudeLino 45 months ago | reply

    Grargh...........oh wait ... wrong one...

    I mean .... Dude! Who is padding out his photos with his own comments?

  3. Firas Abu-Jaber 45 months ago | reply

    This is sick, dude!

  4. ~Tac~ 45 months ago | reply


    This is great, you look like some kind of steampunk ghostbuster! :-)

  5. Angka Utama 45 months ago | reply

    I wonder if there were cars in Shakespeare's era...

  6. StoryWriter 45 months ago | reply

    That's SO FREAKING AWESOME. A madman and his toy!

  7. libraryrivergirl 45 months ago | reply

    Way cool. That is very creative.

  8. Mr. Tomato Bread 45 months ago | reply

    Brilliant photo!

    Lino M, don't talk. Prove you have the big guns...

  9. Legohaulic 45 months ago | reply

    Woah...that's insane...and so are you :P

  10. Scruffy Mynxbane 45 months ago | reply

    just when i thought i saw everything...

  11. YG-49 45 months ago | reply

    No, I'm quite sure this is not LEGO.

  12. kopakaluver10 45 months ago | reply

    *insert some lame,"don't cross the beams!!", reference here*

    really though, Lino Doesn't stand a chance against this beastie!

    Lol, I must say tho, the lionfish caught me by surprise.

  13. ostmackan5 [deleted] 45 months ago | reply

    The gun is awesome but the pic is even awsomer (is that even a word?) Great work

  14. Matthew Kitchen 42 months ago | reply

    This pleases me immensely!

  15. V&A Steamworks 39 months ago | reply

    The Infinity Rifle stops Carnappings in the Phillipines!

    Pinoy Auto Blog - MUST SEE!

  16. Ben Unleashed! 39 months ago | reply

    Haha, very nice!

  17. CyberCraft Robots 26 months ago | reply

    Oh! Legos!
    I was thinking "Dude! Plastic?" but Legos provide a perfect excuse for the forbidden material. Great photo too!

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