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Iron Builder 4.0 - Round 3 - 6kyubi6 vs Letranger Absurde | by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber
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Iron Builder 4.0 - Round 3 - 6kyubi6 vs Letranger Absurde

A pitchfork?


Really? Who would even imagine such a part?!


I'll tell ya who! That SCAMP, Sir Nadroj, that's who!


Last year I asked for some part suggestions from various builders and past contestants and got all kinds of great suggestions both awesome and "wha"? As cruel as the Chairmen can be, they can't hold a candle to some of the evil suggestions made by this crazy crew. When Jordan first suggested the pitchfork it took me a few moments to absorb it all in and then I realized the fork is a VERY Iron Builder type of ingredient. One of those often overlooked parts that has all kinds of fantastic potential when placed in the hands of some talented and creative AFOLs.


Iron Builder is an International Competition and this month's match is no exception!


From the land of the Franks we have 6kyubi6, IB magician and slayer of the mighty Onosendai to take the title of Iron Builder! This prolific AFOL has become a frequent featured builder at the Brothers Brick Blog, has been featured in Beautiful LEGO 2, has Dueled Pirates AND is a regular competitor in all of the most challenging building contests around the web. His themes range stretch everywhere from Chibis to SPACE and everything in-between. He is ready to take up a sharpened baguette and defend his title from anyone foolhardy enough to try and take his throne.


Our Iron Builder's challenger hails from the land of Vlad the Impaler, Romania! Ladies and Gents, let me introduce Letranger Absurde (vitreolum).


What can I tell you about our challenger? As a member of RoLug he has racked up an impressive collection of recent accolades such as 1st place in the Brothers Brick Chibi vehicle contest with his awesome Chibi Serenity and and a 2nd place victory in the Iron Builder Mixels D&D contest. Take a peek at his photostream and you will lose track of how many of his images have hit the 99+ favs mark! He has the kind of "special something" that we love to see on Iron Builder with wonderful MOCs that range across multiple scales, themes and bits o clever ...


(An interesting bit of Iron Builder history, our first Iron Builder Hall of Famer, OLOG ( Adrian Florea ) also hails from the land of vampires. The pride of Romania is on the line.)


Our Secret Ingredient Pitchfork is pointing at you as if to say "what are you going to do with me"? Our gladiators have four weeks to show us the best they have to offer. Grab the cows, grab the hay and make ready the barnyards!


Allez Brick!


Chairmen Nannan and Guy

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Taken on February 27, 2015