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Last Lightshow | by Pete Rowbottom, Wigan, UK
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Last Lightshow

I'm not uploading images in any sort of order now, although I tend to it struck me that there really isn't any point as nobody really cares when you shot them and it only satifies your inner obsessive compulsive disorder voice telling you to post them in date order :-)


Infact was one of the very last shots from the recent Icelend visit, the amount of images I managed to get was staggering and will take ages to get through (not a bad thing)


We thought we had done for the day and the trip after shoting a mountain several hours drive away and had driven towards Keflavik with the flight home in the morning in mind, the forecast for here was cloudy and nil for the Aurora, as we neared the hotel I looked out of the window and could see the Aurora randomly kicking off over the sea, a (rather great and deserted) location was decided upon and we headed off to shoot it there.


2 hours or so here we had a really great light show, also the moon was nearly full and unobscured so it was a great tol for lighting the foreground and lighthouse, the hardest part was keeping shadows out of the shot as it was that bright, the moon is reflected in the small pool in the foreground....


Not to be without incident, (anyone who knows me knows I usually end up in some sort of scenario...) I'd made it to this spot avoiding all the very dangerous frozen rocks and deep holes, set up and all was good , I'd dropped a lens cloth on the ground, it was very dark here.. so I bent down to pick it up and immediatly put my hand into something very soft and strange feeling.... uuuurgggh! so what's the first thing you do bearing in mind you can't see it...? yes that's right have a good sniff to see whats what... it smelled absolutely disguting and I had a pretty good idea what it might be although there was no sign of any dogs.... trying not to be sick I wiped my hand on the frosty reeds nearby cleaning myself up before I got my torch out to see what I'd inadvertently scooped up ...


I can tell you I 've never been so pleased to see a rotted clump of seaweed in my life :-)


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Taken on December 20, 2018