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    Windows XP SP2 running on an iiMac

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    1. ɹuʇɹ ages ago | reply

      Why?....if you are a developer that works primarily on a mac developing for the web and you are conscious about your primary audience (95% windows users i think?), testing in windows is optimal. There are also lots of free little utilities for windows that aren't available for mac (such as the apps that come with your cell phone to connect to it, in the case that bitpim doesn't work). However, if you were replacing OSX with windows on your mac for good instead of using it in tandem, then you deserve to be ridiculed...

    2. whitewolf_17862 ages ago | reply

      Heres a few thoughts... 1 is that an LCD or a CRT if its a LCD I suggest you get a new one because your second image is displaying one hell of a 1/4-1/3 tilt pincusion to the top... second quite funny if you straight edge the first pic the edge of the actual monitor is clear enough it doesn;t bleed yet the start menu is bleeding to the left but start button and bar doesn't... also why does the photos Exif display the picture was taken in 01-01-1986 ???(were there Dig cameras in 1986, because all my old ones including pre 1mp cameras show up 1995+... upon tearing into the second pic theres 2 alpha layers which means there were alterations to the image Via Adobe Photoshop.. also unless you had 1 to many not many people take pictures of things on an angle unless there is a reflection glare or something directly in front of the screen.... I will pay for a palm corder, send it to you, take a 5 min video... give me a open view of the whole system including inside of the case, the case, screen alone with nothing next or obstructing it hit the power button and video tape the actual boot... because these days still images are not worth much in words due to the fact I can probably make my PC system's 26inch widescreen look like I have the latest version of MAC OS running even tho I have a hotswap drive WITH OS 10 Tiger running perfectly fine on my 4.2ghz 800fsb Prescott, with 4 gig ram... just to double check (Grabs a ruler) and measures the distance to the logon screen image to the lower portion where the dark blue meets up with the Aqua color (Grabs both laptops and boots, Pro on one Media center on the other)hrmm 1 1/8th's on the left and right on both systems, either the dude who make that logon screen must of been SUPER drunk due to the fact the windows name looks like its gunna take off
      eeeeeenyways My peice is done :)...

    3. Évelyne Lachance ages ago | reply

      Whitewolf: Your comment about the logo being "off" in the next screenshot is pretty moot - I mean, the angle of the shot clearly is from the left of the screen, which would easily account for it.

      As for bleeding, this can be because the Start menu is WHITE, a color that bleeds easily, while the taskbar is dark blue, which wouldn't have the same effect (and it depends on the angle again, of course).

      I'm pretty sure this photo is genuine, and we'll see pretty quickly on, for sure (when the site actually has a decent speed).

    4. narf2006 ages ago | reply


      You are right, I confess ...the whole thing is a fraud and the contest was just a conspiracy for getting on /. ... I am so humiliated... can you ever forgive us?

      @conspiracy theorists in general

      Thank you all so much for your creative analyses. You have no idea how entertaining it has been for us. :)

    5. stratusfearx13 ages ago | reply


      Good work on this. You guys pulled off some awesome stuff. I've been following this all week, and I'm pretty excited to get it running on my own machine. Thanks for all your work! :)

    6. Aka Kage ages ago | reply

      Congratulations for the work done and the money. : )

    7. fabulous teeth [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Is this real?
      It must be a winxp screenshot set to fullscreen.

    8. fabulous teeth [deleted] ages ago | reply

      NOTE> the author already confessed it is a fake...


      You are right, I confess ...the whole thing is a fraud and the contest was just a conspiracy for getting on /. ... I am so humiliated... can you ever forgive us?

      @conspiracy theorists in general

      Thank you all so much for your creative analyses. You have no idea how entertaining it has been for us. :)"

      So, stop wasting your time commenting this pictures and get living real good things, because life only lasts a moment...

    9. grimlock59 ages ago | reply

      asegoviae7, i suggest you stfu and read around. he won the money. it works. oh did i mention you can now download the insturctions and crap he used to make it work? ya shut up. and about his post, its called sarcasm you moron. k thx bye.

    10. brookxiao ages ago | reply

      Great job. Thank you. Should be wonderful if you can turn them onto photo slideshow on DVD or iPod, PSP and even cellulur phone. I found that provides some helpful tools.

    11. techxoops ages ago | reply

      Why would you put Windows in a beatiful iMac? The answer is not "because we can".

      The answer is "Just to spend our time, because we haven't got anything better to do".

      No offence, but is useless to install xp on an imac...

      in a friendly manner.

      P.S: Seriously aren't you so clever to think, that this may be just an imac monitor connected to an ordinary PC???

      8eio? ti lene autoi re? a re amerikanakia...gia sfaliares eiste.

    12. fifty50 ages ago | reply

      Oh snap, I think I just pooped a little bit.

    13. Bravo_Kilo ages ago | reply

      Congrats, man! This is huge in my book!

    14. VadimBravo ages ago | reply

      F@ckin A!

    15. deep sense [deleted] ages ago | reply

      NOOOOOO!!!!! Pobre Mac, tan bonita que se veía :-(

    16. kawada ages ago | reply


    17. Horizon2 ages ago | reply

      Windows XP SP2 running on an iiMac, i like SP1 any way

    18. yorum83 ages ago | reply

      Please, only post your #1 photo, if you will meet the conditions.

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