XP booted From the internal drive

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    The installed XP after booting from the internal drive. Still one more reboot to go before getting to the desktop.

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    1. Veeoh 109 months ago | reply

      show us a decent video of it and we will believe you! ;)

    2. narf2006 109 months ago | reply

      ok.. add $1000 to the contest and you've got a deal

    3. myfunnyfeb14 109 months ago | reply

      are you going to post your results on the contest? got to the desktop yet? this is pretty interesting stuff and it would be great to learn more and see more.

    4. hahn73 109 months ago | reply

      cool. if real, i'd be interested in knowing how you got around the EFI issue.

    5. speewahoz 109 months ago | reply

      Narf2006, wanted to make sure you are aware of the SHIFT+F10 functionality within the GUI part of the setup that launches a command prompt - could be beneficial in your testing.

    6. Paul Stamatiou 109 months ago | reply

      ^ No. I've installed XP with 1280x1024.

    7. digitalpiracy 109 months ago | reply

      No he's right - you can set an option in the unattend.sif file so the resolution jumps to whatever you like once its installed the VGA drivers, but this section always runs at 640x480

    8. Mr. Spontaneous 109 months ago | reply

      I did a fresh install with a new sp2 disc and got a 1280x1024 install.

      No further pictures, so I assume this didn't end up working? Pity.

    9. alep85 109 months ago | reply

      Any word narf on if XP booted after the install screen? We're all anxiously awaiting your results, and not hearing an update after being so close makes me worry that there are major problems with XP on the Intel Mac AFTER the install. I know you don't wanna risk blowing the contest, but at least let us know how you're doing! Best of luck!

    10. jtnt 109 months ago | reply

      How come people who have the technical know-how to get Windows to boot on a Mac don't ever seem to have the capacity to work their own digital cameras?

    11. All Night Long 109 months ago | reply

      What do we have here? XP installing on a G5 iMac using VMWare? ; )

    12. windmaomao 109 months ago | reply

      omfg, I can't wait to see the movie. Someone just add $1000 please :)
      narf2006, just go grab a phone which can make small movie, that should just work.

    13. Jesse Glen 109 months ago | reply

      narf2006 says:
      ok.. add $1000 to the contest and you've got a deal

      So you have an iMac, a digital camera, and the know-how to get XP working on this hardware, but you can't take a decent picture or put up a 10 second video? This is a $12,000 contest for gods sake! BS.

    14. theballbustermail 109 months ago | reply

      So as a test I started XP in VPC n my Powerbook in full screen mode and went to my new MacBook Pro started Apple Desktop remote loged into my powerbook and viewed the other machine in fullscreen mode, and there is is XP running on a Intel Mac its that simple, I could take a screen shot or all the phony pictures or video I want. Lets hope this is not the case here.

    15. plastique45 109 months ago | reply

      FAKE-Even with the newly distributed Video. You know why? Simple: there's $12,000 for the first guy to clearly explain step by step how to install XP. This guy magically finds how to do it one night in his bedroom (even though tons of experts haven't been able to), then waits 5 days and still no hurry to be the first to win the race and claim the $12k.

      Yeah, right.

    16. Ryan Tir 109 months ago | reply

      uhm, if you followed the forum where all this is happening. they don't just give away the money cause there's testing to do. the contest's host is currently testing it with 3 people from each machine. once it's confirmed that the solution works, then the money moves.

      and i don't think he does it overnight. from what i've seen, he's been posting for a while about the progress he's having.

    17. Jesse Glen 109 months ago | reply

      I take it all back, and sorry for doubting you! Great job, and congrats on the win.

    18. mcmay 109 months ago | reply

      Hmm. Is a photo of a Mac running XP grounds for tagging it "may offend?" Just wondering. ;)

    19. Horizon2 107 months ago | reply

      cool. if real

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