Sinister Dove - 911 '72 + 3.2 hot rod SOLD
Hot rod based on super clean '72 911T non-sunroof coupe. I got the car in 2012 without the original Sportomatic and 2.4, and it was mostly stripped to bare metal already so... hot rod time!

I was amazed at the lack of rust in this car. The rear shelf was perforated, but the pans were unrusted and showed no signs of impact. There is no substitute for an undamaged chassis. Rear shelf was completely replaced.

Beige Gray paint as offered in 1972 is rare. It's non-metallic and in person looks like putty. I conceived of a putty/russet color scheme and set to work..

Interior is completely covered in russet/chestnut leather from 5 matching hides, with most of a hide left over in case of future incidents...

Planted the car on 15 X 7 Fuchs but gave the centers a unique media-roughened finish. Uprated torsion bars, front and rear sway bars, improved bushings and Bilstein Gas Sport shocks. Lowered, aligned and corner-balanced by Johnson's Alignment, of course. This car is balanced and planted in the turns

As with my Sinister Black car 5 years ago, I wanted a driver's door armrest/handle. So I created one. Dash and door handle/armrests were covered by AIR. TRE RSR style seats are covered in leather from the same hides with matching corduroy inserts for comfort. Seats have provision for sub belts if the owner chooses to take it to the track, Installation and sorting of the 3.2 hot rod engine was managed by TRE... Aluminum case 915 with short shift manages the approximately 200 RWHP. There is a fender oil cooler appropriate to the 3.2 using factory hard lines. In hot weather driving, it keeps engine temperature on the low side.

Updated gauge guts match the Carrera senders for oil temp and pressure. Clocked tach puts redline at the top so it's easier to see. Converted to electric speedometer with all gauges cosmetically true to the 72 look, thanks to North Hollywood Speedometer.

Although originally equipped with it, the a/c was mostly removed before I got the car. So I added power windows to improve comfort in higher temperatures.

I set out with the intent to build a Gentleman's Hot Rod: high performance with an unusually posh interior. Call it an Urbane Outlaw.

As one would expect with a Gentleman's Hot Rod, this car does not proclaim itself by appearance; only by performance.
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