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Kindness | by Christopher J. Morley
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There are wonderful people in the world. I recently had the pleasure of meeting one. Too bad it took me being a dumbo to meet him (and his girlfriend).

I went to pick up Lora Sunday night in Bellingham. Cheaper gas on the States side so I pushed the near-empty tank across the border. After passing a gas station because I intended to go to a different one, my Xterra went no further. Out of gas.

Couldn't see any station ahead so better the devil you know and I started to walk/jog back towards the gas store I had seen a few miles back. Wondered if I would stop if there was someone on the road carrying a spare gas can.

A car did stop. Going the other way. Honked at me. I crossed over, explaining I still needed to go the other way and get gas, can was empty. He said he knew but get in, we'll give you a ride back to your car. We got you gas already. Holy moley! When I went to pour the fuel in I realized it was a brand new can too. Chatted a bit. He indicated he saw me on the road after seeing a car parked further back. Went to store, bought a can, filled it up and drove back to get me. Double Holy Moley!!

Above and beyond kindness from a complete stranger - THANK YOU SO MUCH.


This photo was taken on the weekend during a very very wet hike out to Kennedy Falls. Which were so full and I was so wet I didn't even pull out my camera or tripod while at them. Seems I do many nutty things.

Just to prove it; there was a gas station less than 1/4 mile ahead of me just out of view and I had left my wallet in the car when I went to walk for spare gas.


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Taken on June 16, 2012