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Vision-The Painting and The Wine | by "God Through Anne Terri With The Holy Spirit
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Vision-The Painting and The Wine


''February 10, 2010 God's Living Bible – God's New Revelations – ©

God's Dreams And Visions Chosen For Use In God's Living Bible – The Third Testament




November 25, 2006

Anne Terri's Vision: The Painting & The Wine


This was a two part vision. It could almost be a dream. I first see an old black sedan sitting before me, with the back door open. It's sitting outside, a believe near a field or farm.


In the back seat there is a broken picture frame and broken glass. This is leaning against the seat. The picture itself is askew, with it's content of identity facing to the back. I think, I'd better get something to clean up this mess. Then, something tells me to look at the picture.


I pick it up, and I see a beautiful painting. At this point I'm placed in to the painting to witness something. The painting is that of a large stone wall. The stones are brownish gray and oval. Coming out from this wall is a spigot, the type one sees in the old wine barrels in wine cellars. I get the feeling of grape vines hanging over head, among various trees. It's a sunny day, and warm. Then, two hands present a beautiful chalice under the spigot, and then one hand turns the T on the top to let the wine flow into the chalice. The chalice seems to be adorned with relief designs and figures. It reminds me of the ornate chalices one sees in church.



''February 10, 2010 - God's Transcript: Wine In The Ornate Chalice

(God Speaking To Anne Terri Through The Holy Spirit)


1.I Placed Anne within the painting, and Brought it to life.

2.Just as I Brought Jesus Christ back to life, after The Crucifixion.

3.In many churches, The Blood Of Christ is part of the ritual celebrated, as it was written during The Last Supper.

4.Later, the blood of Christ spilled upon the ground, and this is also part of a sacrificial ritual of the Jews, which I Gave to them in reference to sacrificing animals.

5.However, Mount Calvary is definitely not an Altar, but it is a place of horror.

6.I Did Not Plan My Son's sacrifice, as I Did To Test and Teach Abraham not to sacrifice a human, thus replacing Isaac with a lamb.

7.My Revelation, Of The Truth Has Been Written elsewhere within The Third Testament, and I Will Write it again through Anne, when ever possible.

8.They pierced Jesus' side, to make certain he was dead.

9.Out of his side spilled fluids, mixed with blood, which had pooled around his heart.

10.This was done per order, to fulfill a prophecy which was in place, in Isaiah 53:5.

11.There is no Holy Grail.

12.The Chalice, in the painting, is as the Chalice in the Vision, which would have been used during the ceremony of The Holy Eucharist.

13.Jesus' dialog, supposedly said during The Passover Meal, was added after the Crucifixion.




Visionary Painting Of Wine From God




Link To The Old Testament – God's Laws Of Sacrifice - Life's Blood


Link To Isaiah 53:5 The Suffering Servant


Additional Notes On Isaiah 53:


In Isaiah: 53:5 New International Version Of The Holy Bible – Note change in the word wounded which is written in The King James Version, to pierced.


Isaiah 53:5 - Pierced


5 But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him,

and by his wounds we are healed.


In the Hebrew/English Bible, it says wounded also, as it does in the King James Version which God Has Directed me to use for comparisons.





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