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Holy Spirit | by "God Through Anne Terri With The Holy Spirit
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Holy Spirit


''February 9, 2010 God's Living Bible – God's New Revelations –

God's Dreams And Visions Chosen For Use In God's Living Bible – The Third Testament





Anne Terri's Note: The next account of my vision is most unusual. It's literally a transcript.


God not only dictated it to me, but gave me the transcript at the same time.



''May 2, 2008 Process

Anne Terri's Vision: Box 24 – God's File System'' (God Through Anne Terri With The Holy Spirit)


1.For the past several weeks, I Have Been Working with Anne Terri in how I Think.

2.And Have Shown her a concept of a file system, where each thought is in a box.

3.In her vision, she opened Box 24.

4.Anne, describe the painting I Showed you.




Anne's Description:


The painting was like a digital photograph. I saw tall city buildings, and they were taller than the rectangular paper shown to me. They were mostly in black, gray, and white. The viewpoint I was looking from was that of the photographer, from the ground level of a street, looking up to the skyscrapers. I looked up and a Great Spirit that could have been God was in the air. The God like Spirit was as large as the buildings behind. God was wearing long flowing robes that were flying in the wind. And the draping robe was red which cascaded over the white. There also seemed to be lighter white wisps of material curling and floating around God. This is a vision of how many would perceived God as a male. God Was Shown to me in the traditional manner, with long white hair and a long white beard.



''Anne will be painting Me on canvas, in oil. AMEN''



''May 3, 2008 – Update on Vision: Box 24 (God Through Anne Terri)


An oil painting, the size of Illuminations has been started of 'God's Male Spirit' entitled God Over A City That Is Dying.


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