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Dome With Sun | by "God Through Anne Terri With The Holy Spirit
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Dome With Sun




Chapter 1: The Dome


Visualize it - the dome. Sitting atop a huge circular building with windows you can't see through. They are mirrored, and the light shines out into the extensive grounds, graced by palm trees and tropical plants. The walkways are lined with a river, that runs parallel, and the scent of the plants is heady.


Tables are made for four, but can be placed together for groups enjoying the atmosphere. There are perches at each table for tropical birds that sing to their hearts content. They aren't on the menu, and neither are their friends. The chickens that run between the plants are colorful and eat from various feeders located throughout the jungle.


Yes, it's like a jungle, a friendly jungle. Are there monkeys? Of course, but watch your purse. They are noted pickpockets, but only if you have chocolates in your possession.


The fish swim in the small river, but they are also begging food from the guests. There are signs everywhere to tell the people not to feed them bread. It will make them sick. Special fish food is presented along with your fare, something fun for everyone.


What more could a patron ask?


If you bring your dog, they should sit with you at the table, and be bird friendly. We have been assured that canines are on good behavior, because the owner pays special attention to their needs. They have their own menu. Now, I hear you wondering if you can bring your cat? Do you think your cat would want to come with you, or be left to wander your property in luxury, without you telling them what to do?


Oh my, there's a frog and a few water turtles basking in the sun. They have ramps along the river to climb out of the water. Don't worry about too many tadpoles in the late spring. The Proprietor of Infinity has said that it's the perfect balanced environment for everyone.


In the back, there is an enclosed garden with dozens of stakes to support the fresh tomatoes and other crops that are being grown for the menu. Yes, there it is again, the word menu. Is this a vegetarian restaurant or a zoo? All types of diet needs are covered on Infinity's menu. It does go in the direction of less meat and more vegetables, but what does one eat if they are not serving chicken? How can one resist the freshly grown varieties of exotic fruits? All of the Mediterranean at your fingertips. In fact, who would want to eat a resident whom swam, or walked by your table?


Remember, Infinity is magic. Do you want me to get you an application, or a reservation? Wait until you meet the guests. In fact, wait until you meet the waiters






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Taken on May 7, 2017