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13 Relationship To Universes | by "God Through Anne Terri With The Holy Spirit
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13 Relationship To Universes




"May 19, 2016




God's Thoughts For Bestowing Divine Wisdom



God Speaks on Your Relationship to The Universes

Angels and Aliens


(God Speaking To Anne Terri Through The Holy Spirit)



1. I Am your Foundation for Everything. My Light IS True, and yours Reflects more of My Truth as you continue to work with Me.

2. The closer you are to the Source, the Brighter your own Light will become.

3. Reflection of the Source is the Reflection of your Creator.

4. Great Care is to be taken, not to reflect from false lights, which many still carry like burdens.


5. The Universe has yet to truly be explained.

6. One must be patient and await Heaven's Dimensions for these Revelations, or seek to Awaken to My Presence within you, to be able to Interact and Speak with Me.

7. Anne you have been working with Us, in Heaven's Dimensions for a long time, even though your memory has been Withheld and I Keep your view limited.

8. We have held many wonderful meetings, and you have posed many questions.

9. Today, I will Answer the ones you asked on Angels and Aliens.

10.Yes there are other lifeforms on various planets within My Infinite universes, now in place.

11.There are no limits to My Power, thus place no limits upon Me, without Knowledge.

12.Recently you have wondered about your place within this Grand Plan.

13.On earth you are not a giant, nor are you the smallest -however- on another planet, you may be the Giant, or even minuscule next to others who reside there. Your perception is based on your environment, and this is a simplification.


14. You asked Me, if there modes of transport between solar systems, where certain lifeforms of advanced levels, have the ability to travel great distances, bringing with them their own environment necessary to continue living long-term, without stress?


15. Yes, but aliens are not communicating with those who Channel spirits through certain methods on Earth, for these who claim to be aliens are spirits who would have you believe they are going to arrive with spaceships to pick up the Chosen ones.

16. They promise much, but leave you waiting.

17. These are only wayward spirits who have yet to Ascend, in order to receive their positions as one of Heaven's Angels, and are creating chaos while waiting for their next life, and bring only untruths. This is but an example of what they are willing to tell you in pretending to be of My Sanctioned Angels. Beware of those telling you they are Archangels or that you are a famous Biblical Figure, Reincarnated.


18. If you have not yet heard Me Speak Through The Holy Spirit, and are Channeling... to be Certain of Divine Truth, contact The Council. It is They Who communicated -Spiritually- with the late William LePar - whose family have permitted Us to feature his work within The Third Testament- and Shirley MacLaine, who has also written of her interaction with The Council.

19. Know that The Council -Themselves- reside in Heaven's Dimensions, with My Permission to Teach from time to time to Raise the Faith. They are Angels Who use no prefix titles or names, but reach out to those who are seeking and willing to listen.


20. Any alien communication would not be received Spiritually, but via Advanced communication they have developed, and they would contact certain government officials of your planet.

21. Eventually you will receive facts from certain records yet to be released, on what has been happening in this area.

22. AMEN”














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