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39 VegtablesI n Warehouse | by "God Through Anne Terri With The Holy Spirit
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39 VegtablesI n Warehouse

"From The Alpha and Omega-The Circle of Infinity


In the warehouse, Celery and Rhubarb knew they were in trouble. Usually their kind ended up in the house of the humans. When they saw the large cultivator with the monstrous tires, they tried to run, but couldn't. At that moment, Celery knew he had to find help. Shouting with one's mind seemed strange, but perhaps it would work. The apples did it all the time. At first, their language had seemed strange, but they were able to understand what was being said. They had to find a way to reach the farm by telepathic means. Celery ruffled his leaves and concentrated as hard as he could. He called to the tree by the pond.


'Mr. Tree, did you see them? They have all of us, and we see your apples in the bin near us. Please hurry, they will be taking them to the factory soon. Please, tell the humans to come get us. They can't possibly know that we were placed into the tomato truck by mistake. They are planning to take the tomatoes too. Help!'


The apple tree tilted to his right, picking up Celery's words in the wind. 'I'm sorry, I can hardly make out what you are saying to me. You have to slow down to get your words right.'


Celery Stick surveyed the situation, totally frustrated by the turn of events. Apple tree had been his last hope. Again, he tried. 'You remember me. I'm Celery Stick. We are prisoners! Send the humans.'


Rhubarb was wondering what all the fuss was about. After all, it had been the first time she had been out of the bright sunlight and was enjoying the cool air in the warehouse.


'What's the matter with you, Celery? Can't you see, we'll be safe? They only want apples and tomatoes to make pies and spaghetti sauce; no one wants Rhubarb pie anymore. Children won't eat their celery, and the adults don't have the teeth for it. We are safe. The poor Crab Apple tree thinks he's like the others. No one wants to eat Crab Apples either. We're all lucky.'


The tree heard Rhubarb speak, for she was more shrill and stronger that the Celery.


'A Crab Apple tree? That's what I am? I had no idea. I knew I was special, but thought I was like the others. No wonder I'm over here near the pond and exiled from the orchard.'


The frogs had heard everything. 'You should thank the Master for that. He made you a Crab Apple tree, and because of that you hold much Wisdom.'


Peaces the donkey had heard enough from Rhubarb. She thinks she knows everything. 'Stop making fun of my friend, for he has the only shade left in miles of here.' AMEN"



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Uploaded on January 4, 2018