• Awesome detail here! - SillyKidzGTL
  • This part is very clever. - LegOscar
  • :)
  • thank you, but because of this the technic pin with the taillights doesn't stay on very well :/
  • Yup, brilliant! - kaitimar

Appaloosa DC-05 Sandstorm

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One of Appaloosa's latest works: a small dune buggy entered for the Baja 3000. It has a 3.4 liter V6 with a maximum horsepower of 310 at 7,200 RPM. >:]

It got a number of gold medals from other off-road races, though, one in one of the scariest off-road races in existence - the Annual San Cascavel Off-Road Race (ASCOR). It's in Argentina. Go there if you got the huevos! :D

This is my first actual TT to feature working, posable steering. not to mention the T-bars on which the steering is mounted doubles as a suspension! (non-working, sadly. ;P) Happy, Sharpy? :D

Enjoy :)

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  1. leg0fenris 60 months ago | reply

    clever design - cool buggy style!

  2. Proudlove 60 months ago | reply

    I actually like this a lot! I may make one.

  3. Genghis Don 60 months ago | reply

    Now this, I dig.

  4. Michael9804 60 months ago | reply

    i am definitely with nathan! and i especially love the dune buggy! :D

  5. SHARPSPEED 60 months ago | reply

    A little weird, but still nice.

  6. Tim Ltd 60 months ago | reply

    I'm considering building one of these now (although minifig size and armed), cheers!

  7. SillyKidzGTL 60 months ago | reply

    <3 this car IRL, and your recondition!
    (huevos SPANISH FTW)

  8. />ylan/>. 60 months ago | reply

    Wow! i love the roll bars! Nicely done!

  9. LegOscar 60 months ago | reply

    Like how you did the front wheels/headlights mount.

  10. r a p h y 60 months ago | reply

    fenris - Thanks!

    Jon - :>

    Proudlove - Glad to hear! want some instructions? it's more complicated than it looks.

    paleman - You have every such right to.

    Thomas&Michael - Sweet! want instructions too?

    Sharpy - In what way weird? if you tell me I could improve it.

    Tim - That's three people wanting to build one! YEAH :D

    Kenny - In real life? What do you mean, this came outta my brain not real life. :) (not to say my brain isn't real life ;P)

    Dylan - Happy you like :]

    Oscar - Yeah, I've fallen in love with these T-bars! they're awesome!

  11. SHARPSPEED 60 months ago | reply

    I really can't say. There's just something wierd about it.

  12. Mɐrshall 60 months ago | reply

    Awesome! I'm not one for Lego vehicles, but this is sweet.

  13. _lichtblau_ 59 months ago | reply

    Great work!

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