I was too busy killing Osama bin Laden

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    Sorry it took so long to get you copy of my birth certificate;
    I was too busy killing Osama bin Laden.

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    1. JoeyMac1212 48 months ago | reply

      Wow! I am amazed that these idiot Tea Party, Birthers, and Ultra-Conservatives cannot handle that an intelligent blk man leads this great country. A lot of the Obama bashing is rooted in racism! I

    2. Brent_Thorkelson 48 months ago | reply

      Epic republican pwnage!!!

    3. Obama-Is-A-Loser 48 months ago | reply

      Joey....I don't think Racism has anything to do with it. At least not from me. I am a BLACK MAN that has always voted Democrat right through the 2008 primaries. Dis I vote for him then...no. Did I vote for him in the presidential election...no. To me he was not ready since he had spent less than 120 days on the job as a senator. He still has no clue as to what he is doing. Without the help of having control of the house and senate, it has slowed down his "do as I say" attitude. He wanted to pull the troops out from over there. He wanted to CUT their pay. Bin Laden started the war, BUSH sent the troops in to take get him. It took 10 years for Bush's plan to fall into place and find him. Obama did not get word where Bin Laden was UNTIL he was informed later. Apparently he made the call to gun him down instead of blowing him up. BUT THAT WAS ALL! He did not want our troops there, but HE HAD NO CHOICE once word got out.

    4. TriciaP1 48 months ago | reply

      I can see the argument to congratulate Bush for killing Bin Laden - after all, without Bush there might have been no 9/11 in the first place since he let it happen on his watch. So congrats President Bush. Thanks for giving Obama a target to go find. Oh yeah, and thanks for the Iraq War. Sure, there were no WMDs, no link to Al Queda, no rogue Uranium like we were told... hm. Well, it's always good to go get our soldiers killed based on lies. Good times. Thanks also for running our economy into the ground. Where would we be without the collapse of Lehman, Merrill Lynch, AIG, Fannie, Freddie and the like? Nice job.

    5. Obama-Is-A-Loser 48 months ago | reply

      9-11 may have happened on Bush'e watch. BUT Clinton was warned about it during HIS watch and did NOTHING to prevent it. Get those facts straight. As for the WMD's, Bush was given the information form investigators. He had no option. That is why the majority of the Senate...And all but a handful of Democrat decided to attack Iraq. Bush had to get ok from them to go in and THEY agreed, so it WAS NOT only Bush. When they got there, did they find WMD's...No they did not find the finished products, BUT they did find everything to make them and pictures of their finding were posted on the net. Their findings were destroyed. So another job by the US was complete. And if you will think about it, the collapse of our economy began AFTER the 2006 elections....Hmmm....who was in the charge of the Senate of the House at that time? It was NOT the Republicans making the dicisions at that time. Obama inherited all of the flaws of the Democrat congress and he wants to blame Bush for all of that? Get real.

    6. Ewan B 48 months ago | reply



      Try getting your facts straight. Clinton did nothing on Bin Laden and the terror threat? That's a laughably unresearched statement if I ever heard one. Clinton was the one pushing the anti-terror agenda up until 9/11. It was much of the Conservative right and part of the intelligence community who refused to. And if you don't realise that you clearly do not know your history. As Clinton says, read Richard Clarke's book: www.amazon.com/Against-All-Enemies-Inside-Americas/dp/074...

      If you're not willing to do that, then at least stop making assertions for which you have no evidence. We're entitled to our own opinions, but not to our own facts.

    7. booboo_babies 48 months ago | reply

      This is so true! Thanks for posting this.

    8. jmv1982 48 months ago | reply

      It only takes 5 minutes to show a BC. Maybe he was too busy golfing while someone else was busy forging it.

    9. kjcou1 48 months ago | reply


    10. silentwomen 44 months ago | reply

      Are you all regretting voting to the wrong candidate?
      wow i just walked away from from 15 million euro and 9.5 million in an african account i guess i am not as poor as people think eh?

      I bet Mr. Obama wished he would of signed a nice document for a witness program instead of what the under ground says about it all? A good thing all the dead people told me all their secrets and showed me every country on the map they hid in as money? I really do not know what he talked with his kids about? Was not math or money or how not to pay taxes legally?
      Oh well thank God the other bastard talked a storm as he swayed down the red carpet to his ashram telling me about international law and asking me advice on how in the world i got the answer to perfect economic modules and if he could pretty please be part of the new energy company in future, the answer was no by the way, he was a cheater, not like the other one he blamed everything on swimming in afterlife without a life guard jacket?

      I told them to take swimming classes and parachute classes, if the plane falls pray its in the ocean, as sharks and mooby dick pass every day periodical, the mermaid she make faces under water to all floating and asking direction in Zeus kingdom. She was dad favorite, when the ships go by she tell dead guys and fish passing guy that prince is ugly try another one we need a few billion for this energy company 72 million will not cut it......

      The dead laugh, they do i swear, impossible to kill them, they all went around calling themselves Avatars and prophets, their spawn like demons like when giving candy they turn into gremlins and the lama runs calling daughter what do i do? She responds count the beads, a write something worth to showed off the science team, if you get stuck on homework i will lend you one of my pearls i have so many, i am worse than a oyster covenant, how did you think the dead would not glide at bottom to the pearls and fragrance of heaven. As so we will be measuring nose quality control, a ruler like in the old days, smack and wack if the temple of the song is off beat on the fingers, till they play good music.........I got sensitive ears and eyes people, nothing escapes my wrath.....

    11. silentwomen 44 months ago | reply

      complete whip out to three rivers in Quebec as black french dud insults master Sheng yen lu for great words of wisdom, lady calls mother and hand is raised from mother and complete whip out like Vermont, and Chicago, ironically omar has acquaintances in three rivers. That's the lucj you get after the two fires and insult my masters and sages working hard, not like bump baby, good for nothing with ignorant gang..... 6000 people without hydro.

      It is costed beyond a billion for giving witness program, seal upside, at 65 degree to south ripped the trees as big hand out of plot. hahahahah love the jinns they love mommy..... sucky baby they no even look at him the slyps cry if i ask of ugliness, and dumb ass in Lachine thinks she is a solitaire which, i almost died laughing, hahahahah

    12. silentwomen 44 months ago | reply

      they should of given lady what she wanted and 40 million with interest. screw them all...
      laughing a dead pretending crippled while in plane and land lady cast who;s wind is better, lady way better, the clouds love her not only dummy laden cloud. hahahahahaha.

    13. silentwomen 43 months ago | reply

      i could not participate in killing a person who died by natural causes, yet i am very angry with mr. Obama that sided with mob trails with rizzuto as i just got threatened by one of his guys in ndg that admitted to selling crack and cocain that wants to take me out tonight and private home and is going to tell his boys in ndg. Do i look like i am going to help mr obama at all in his crappy reign to failure and lies- I blame president Obama for not writing my witness program yet as accepting bribes with miss Clinton when she came to Canada and knew all to well about the situation.

      Unlike omar number forth that had a depression for his father being dignified i look at who government cares about me. bush that no is no yes is yes, perhaps is perhaps. i do not feel all are to blame for a long war or that all USA is faulted just the same crowds that have their finger and knuckles in media and use this to influence masses as make mistakes.

      If anything happens to me kiss re-animation, new energies, and defense tools as filters, all formulas are not written my notes all messed up and make no sense as done purposely all needed to be edited. Do i believe that all concerned will be punished and in time prosecuted of course one by one all connected to 3489 decarie their friend's and family and associates all to the smart hydro counters yes, they will all be charged. I can garentee you no prince in Monaco helped for that one as you knew for years and did nothing about it all but took a good ride on money not his. tell all people, sites world wide what he said tonight through third party and admitting to being a small dealer in ndg and working in-front of office and knowing them, let them end up no mercy but wrath....

    14. silentwomen 43 months ago | reply

      eh lunatc that has blocked all message as asked tell your brother 1.2.3. that sai gave you a note of warning in 2010 with family in netherlands upside down car looks like cross upside down is sai symbol in web site in 2004-2005--2006 warning you will be fried as crispŷ cream donuts if your sick friends in mall do not shut up and back dud brother hood crap ,fuck jerk off we not want you you not dump camel we talk about some rich camel prince show off that has no code for nano tech firm going gagag mamam gaga mama pls com to me haha nana lala not you freak w keep on promis to science loony not any one else after he kill his own spawn after re-animated and knows all shit went down i brief him clearand he as usualo blow u off......

      next time he kill another impornant taliban from godfather circut he sick and hate you like me

    15. silentwomen 43 months ago | reply

      as s thanks for king kong jr beating up steve much appreciated.
      love the chemical exercise at the river bank i guess they do not know all have mutated into pyrana. thinking of promting king kong jr as sports writer for flying cars since he loves writting and. meech lake accord after 2015 allows us to build a casino, mall, race track part of a olypmic arena i know a whole bunch of people in kuwait, saudi, sud-arabia, dubai that would donate for building if king kong jr keeps singing that mantra be nice to lady.......

      what you think? hospitals, clinics, banks with perfect economic modules that create financial packges for stability. No toilet shortages or showers or founatin in despair, but beauty, all from beauty.........

      lady can do without effort in days to come, she saba mom........

    16. silentwomen 43 months ago | reply

      silentwomen now doing interviews for her special niles assistant. For a four to six year world tour. need assistant to be try the tasters on plane.... body guard boxer like in cage in zoo, no fans or groupies invited, only one person chosen in final interview for job request....

    17. silentwomen 43 months ago | reply

      so pls tell all, all that we are to save and collect money through all islam to by over french newspaper that albert rainer second is planning to sue, use newspaper to hence launch corruption series and fold over after reward of sales, one rock can remove several flacky birds or a flock.

      He owes us 100 million now with interest and insults and group hoarding his family trying to sabotage my foundation with nascar writer and sending stupid people to my work along side rissuto, now they bike ride near my place as today, they are the ones connected to ilgeal wiring insulting and shit with horid intercepted comments baba said it was not him, its true hence plan b. so hence do those are good conversations to ring in ones head. i always said patience is a virtue, strength is in silence sometimes with heart ache and pain, our true friends and love is laid out in path whether we believe or not and our enemies discovered in due time as our friends revealed.

      protect lady to be freed of bad krma given with plastic bag of notes.
      one day you will realise the inheritance we all got from who ever loved us be it father, fiancee, husband, uncle or whatever just being alive and achieving our destiny is a inheritance in itself

    18. ZzzzzHotOnes 38 months ago | reply

      I didn't know THE ONE was a SEAL! WOW!

    19. KTB56 37 months ago | reply

      Seals kill Osama, not this guy.

    20. silentwomen 34 months ago | reply

      I was to busy laughing at prince albert rainer the second of Monaco<
      I was to busy laughing at Omar.
      I was to busy laughing at rissuto and some of his friends.
      I was to busy laughing at my husband 12.5 billion guns and his 6-7 billion other guns hidden in saudi and sud arabia and emmerities and some other known tax country.

      I was just to busy to care who floated, who drowned in ocean who died at process and who thinks he is better in washington or some other president or politican,
      I was just observing my husband mostly.....

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