Club banned by welding: Dec 28 '08
VOINA group
"Banning of Clubs" action

December 28, 2008
Restaurant "Oprichnik",
Pyatnitskaya street, 2,

See the video of the club closing operation .

On the night of December 28th to the 29th activists of the Voina group have shut down a Moscow eatery and club that glorified the brutal medieval Russian police force, Oprichnina, in its image and decor.

A team of two dozen members of the anti-government collective have assaulted the entrance to restaurant "Oprichnik" with metal sheets, which were first power-clipped and then welded to the front door of the right-wing social center in downtown Moscow. A celebratory cover team consisting of Santa Claus, his granddaughter, a huge rabbit and a dozen of carol-singing activists guarded the technical group in the action from local security and police intrusion while the restaurant was being closed down. After effectively blocking the club and its residents inside for good the team dispersed through downtown.

"Oprichnik", the name of the banned restaurant, refers to a member of the medieval secret police, Oprichnina, founded in the 16th century by Tsar Ivan the Terrible to terrorize those who fell out of his personal favour. With methods that inspired the Nazi Gestapo and the KGB in the 1930's, today oprichnina is a synonym for state-sponsored terror. Putin loyalists eagerly call themselves "oprichniks", to show their willingness to tear apart "enemies of Putin and Russia" at home and abroad. The shut down club was their social center, among its owners is a hardline right-wing TV celebrity.

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