hotel warwick
This structure was built in 1910, on the north-west corner of Jarvis St and Wilton Ave (now Dundas St E), as the Royal Cecil Apartments. It was built on the former estate of William B. Hamilton, a wholesale manufacturer of boots and shoes. Author Hugh Garner lived here for some time, even using the pseudonym Jarvis Warwick, when writing pulp fiction. By the time I first encountered the warwick, in 1978, it was a hotel/rooming house, with a strip club in the basement ... an old-style strip club, I would say, incorporating as it did elements of vaudeville and burlesque. These photos were taken just prior to demolition of the structure, during a 'contents sale' held by the demolition contractors. As of today, August 2009, the site remains an empty lot, undeveloped in all these years.
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