the bayview ghost
Some photos from my two visits to the Bayview Ghost, on July 16, 1980 and July 22, 1981. For 20 years, the unfinished Hampton Court apartment complex, which eventually came to be known as the Bayview Ghost, stood perched at the north end of the Bayview Extension, overlooking the Don Valley. Construction was halted in 1959 amidst a convoluted disagreement between the developers and the Township of East York, the latter maintaining that the building permit was issued in error, refusing to service the the site with water and sewage facilities. The halted development sat for 20 years while the debate continued. By 1981, it was agreed that the decaying structure should be demolished. The Township mounted a Buck-a-Brick campaign to raise funds for the demolition, whereby contributors would receive a souvenir brick from the building. The demolition itself was planned as a Hallowe'en tie-in, with costumed school children in attendance and candies for everyone, but a Township clerical error delayed the actual demolition until November 4th, 1981.
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