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a bit of controversy surrounding the transgender flag: san francisco (2012) | by torbakhopper
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a bit of controversy surrounding the transgender flag: san francisco (2012)

the controversy in this headline refers to specific local politics here in san francisco in the castro community at harvey milk plaza. for more information, read my comment below.


the following is my response to the transgender flag being flown at harvey milk plaza after the local fall out had settled.

i think it's quite a lovely flag.

if i had gender issues, all i can say is that life would be very difficult to struggle with something so close to your own heart/soul.

as a gay-identified male, it's bad enough having to come out all the time -- you don't just "come out" once in your life, it happens on a daily basis. we call it "being out", which is actually an active statement because homosexuality isn't always a visible identification.


anyway, i can imagine the internal struggle someone transgender would face.

i can't relate to it because it's far more terrifying and complicated than my mind can imagine. if you transition, you still have to deal with the issues of birth and upbringing which can never be undone unless memory itself is unwritten.


i wish any in this position the best.

i'm not sure if there are solutions (the judgement of others might always be lurking around the next corner as it is for gays and lesbians), but there should always be love and acceptance and openness and honesty.


and gender bi-polarity should also be reconsidered.

there should be room for all kinds of people to find themselves without being told they have to be male or female.

that's just my opinion...

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Taken on November 20, 2012