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the takeoverers : dead center plus sign, castro, san francisco (2012)

so sad...

soon this post sexualized zone will be assimilated into another "american" mall zone.

thanks for bringing your babies!!!

missionaries go home!


let me add that gays who want to live hetero lifestyles can go do that ANYWHERE in america. you just might get beaten up.

but do you have to do it here?

can't we have the epicenter of homosexual pride be free from the constraints of breeders and their philosophies? why is this so much to ask for?

why must propagators stick their business into EVERYTHING!?!?!

why must they feel the need to xerox copy themselves?

why can't they find the god in themselves first and then breed?

lol, if this sounds strange to you reading this, you've been massively brain-washed by a human culture shaking with fear and death.


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Taken on May 20, 2012