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the here and now, liquid painting by scott richard | by torbakhopper
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the here and now, liquid painting by scott richard



black and white town





the small and undeveloped ideas of the abstract world are easy for the unintelligent too understand and absorb.


these ideas are not like children who evolve into "adults" or grown-up children. instead, like the simpson's, they stay locked in time and held aloft without too much shift or change.


but shift and change are the reality, not stability.


and "stability" is a more complicated abstract idea than santa claus or bat man. it is not a concept that the weak-minded can adhere to without becoming extremists.


super heroes and heroes are generated by losers. and by losers, i mean that the generation of super heroes or heroes is a mental retaliation against a greater physical oppressor. it's similar to re-telling history and putting the sun at the "center of the universe".


which i suppose is so laughable when the next move is to introduce the idea of innumerable suns.


which deletes the usefulness of any "gained" knowledge.


but time travel through space is endless. and the cultures of humankind have all come to their own conclusions -- beautiful and different.


however, to imagine a "super powered" assister in a time of need is very obvious to those who would try to create a fantasy narrative to replace the sad reality of loss.


"no, mary, your cat didn't die. it went to FKING heaven!"




"i know my mom is looking down from heaven right now and she's so proud of me!"


these are the kind of statements that indicate a deep dementia -- A SERIOUS MISUNDERSTANDING of the VALUE OF LIFE.


there is no AFTER.


you can't bring back "the dead".


that is an ABSTRACT CONCEPT with zero physical tenets in this life.


and yet people are "allowed" to think this and there are people who spend their entire lives misleading people with these stories of bastard offspring being crucified and then raised from the dead. and a bunch of other "prophets"


this painting holds more constellations and conjunctions than all the prophets


... and it means nothing.

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Taken on October 21, 2018