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DECISIONS ARE BLACK AND WHITE.  THE REASONS FOR MAKING DECISIONS are GRAY -- the art of the SALE (and what's really for sale)  & scapegoat recreation & a review of HAPPY & the marvelous mrs. maisel, scott richard | by torbakhopper
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DECISIONS ARE BLACK AND WHITE. THE REASONS FOR MAKING DECISIONS are GRAY -- the art of the SALE (and what's really for sale) & scapegoat recreation & a review of HAPPY & the marvelous mrs. maisel, scott richard




the cranberries







so many shows about shtty people.


i saw "the marvelous mrs. maisel" and thought, "great, more anti-Semitic fodder for the american public."


the biggest theme is HATEFUL BETRAYAL.

and this starts with the very outlook -- it's a bunch of pretty looking revisionistic "let's fake history" bullsht. like GOOD GIRLS REVOLT, it has all the feel good awesomeness of celluloid fantasy without any of the REAL reality part, which never happened except for maybe one or two anomalies.


but isn't that the backbone of GENERALIZED lies and fake news? for every ccksucking whore in hollywood there's ten more on their knees waiting to get through the door and only a handful ever end up in actual shows.


and of those actual shows, 95% of them disappear into broken dreams and back to waiting tables...


so even the IMAGINARY "lenny bruce moments" are so botchy and bullisht that they literally don't have him introduce her because in real life there was no real life like tv. he says instead, "i'm going to let this comic introduce herself" and the the season ends with her self dubbing comic stand up name -- mrs. maisel and we're spit-roasted to take the next season through both ends. voila!!! fake, fake, fake.


so this saga comedy which has won awards really just plays a nice bandaid over the truth -- this is an ugly show that looks like a JULIAN TEMPLE movie. and it's the lush colors and the obvious SET-LIKE nature of the show that is what people love. the staging and "insider's view" to the choreographed underworld of manhattan in the late 1950s. and, like GLEE, this show has a feel good vibration and hits major chords of an american musical in motion more than a show about the hardcore stand-up comedy world of manhattan and specifically the hipster village.


because let's be honest, this show isn't about selling comedy or new york city, it's about promoting the MAD MEN era of fashion to the ladies. women want new dresses and this show gives lots of new avenues into style and dress for those ladies who want to bring back the lady look.


if you want a better show, watch I'M DYING UP HERE.

it covers all the same revisionistic territory without the stupid fantasy part and the puking up of old american/post european behavior and manners. it's set in los angeles instead of manhattan. and in I'M DYING UP HERE, comedy is not in its infancy of vulgarity, playing with the lines of society. comedy is a teenager and vital, testing out its sexuality in the political climate of the region and the era.


seriously, you think sexism doesn't come from the bible and england?

it doesn't.

it just comes from the fact there is more than one sex.


people can fight about ANY difference because they love to fight.


but i want to know when will we stop letting USURERS use nazis and anti-Semitism created by jewish people to abuse the general public? mrs. maisel is another show about several jewish families. and how many shows of this nature need to be on tv at one time? it becomes its own bias through overexposure. transparent, difficult people, casual are all part of this strangely anti-jewish culture attack. these shows give ordinary non-jewish people a very false impression about the jewish culture and its wide ranging awesomeness.


homosexuals that only get portrayed as shrieking lady-like sissies is the equivalence of this kind of SELECTIVE portrayal of a rich and diverse people.


and admittedly, shows of this nature -- and it is a jewish tradition to celebrate shows about complete jewish idiots who are a total embarrassment to all (it's call "self-deprecating" humor, but really it is a political knife that attacks you from behind) -- if seen without any contrast and comparison to other jewish offerings, paint an ugly jewish portrait for both men and women.


mrs. maisel is a fking WICKED, SICK, TWISTED, LYING ASS DITCH!!!!

she's not funny, she's fcking PSYCHOTIC.

the future abandonment issues of her children are barely notated or documented in all the wild, glamorous party life, after hours comedy development that "mrs. maisel" pursues with ruthless abandon and at great cost to everyone around her.


she is the ULTIMATE pretty off.


and the further reaching truth of jewishness in shows like this goes deeper than just identification. shows like MODERN FAMILY which are written from that perspective by jewish writers takes on this same LYING BETRAYAL as holy grail.


if you sit down and diagrammatically break up ANY episode of MODERN FAMILY it goes like this:


one character lies to another family member while at the same time incriminating one or more other FAMILY MEMERS in their lie against the first family member. through a series of misadventures resulting directly from the lie, the deception becomes the backbone for the entire storyline which works itself out through a process of discovery and emotional outpouring over "being lied to again!!!!" before hugging and making up.


whatta FKT UP FAMILY!!!!!! they should all be burned at the stake.


super SICK SHT. in fact, this is EXACTLY the same SUPER SICK SHT that made mohammed decide to kill the makers of these kinds of relationships with people. it's the same fking storyline that made all the stupid sht we're dealing with today.


and that was in 700 a.d. ish.

but we're still repeating it because honestly, people like to incite genocide and murder.

that's one of the secondary reasons for tv.


and how come no one asks about these important questions about ANTI-SEMETISM being created by jewish men and women in hollywood?

gays have started to say "fking stop killing gay people in movies and turing them into stereotypes."

why won't the jewish writers stop placing heinous stereotypes on jewish characters? why do they choose these heinous stereotypes in the first place? are THEY PROMOTING hatred against their own people? is that okay?


and just as importantly why aren't there more mexican families, chinese families, filipino families, etc.


i've been utterly pleased as punch to see more and more ALL black cast ensembles coming to the forefront. shows without white faces are AWESOME!!!! and so long coming. and they aren't RACIST. they just don't have white people of any kind in them hallelujah!!!


such a relief. new visual cuisines for the mind's eye.

we are so LUCKY!!!!


so let's get rid of the awfulness of the 1dimensional jewish stereotypes. they suck.


before world war two, anti-Semitism was a form of entertaining pastime literature. it was a CATEGORY in the bookstore.

are we still okay with this type of disgusting social crime?

we know where it leads.

we know how genocides and mass murders are generated.


and yet we still allow it to happen when there is the largest mass ever to influence?


so as we stand perched on the edge of the GLOBAL TELEVISION NETWORK REVOLUTION, maybe we should be more curious about whether or not it's socially inappropriate and historically CRIMINAL to use the same tactics from the past that led to chaos and destruction and murder on a wholesale level.


add medz addiction and the REMORSELESSNESS that those drugs give people and this kind of TV is brainwashing acid.


and we DARE TO call it fking entertainment!!!!????


welcome to berlin in 1937.


and i'll tack on a review of HAPPY, since it fits into a similar category of diagnostics -- manic breakdown hysteria in amercia as the world explodes both inside and out as a result of lifestyle choices and DRUG ADDICTION ADDLED fantasies about reality.


it may seem a little discombobulated, but ain't that america!?




we are entering the split.



"in your head

in your head,

it’s in your head!!!!

they are fighting





oh yeah

they are fighting."

r.i.p. Dolores O’Riordan


naturally the show starts with child abduction.

what could be HAPPIER?


then there's a blow job murder.

then there's a scaramucci massacre. like murder opera -- cued to music and exhaltant.

and a heart attack leads to a hospital visit where, voila!! we

meet HAPPY!!!

and HAPPY is adorable and voiced by patton oswalt.

and that's wonderful, too.

and HAPPY is the Grated innocence.

HAPPY is the perfect embodiment of an imaginary friend for a child -- uplifting, funny, kind, morally good like jimmeny cricket, a sort of bucktoothed donkey unicorn with wings.


the use of flashback technique for time-telling creates a high speed pace. bouncing in time and through time, the show has the CHASE story quality of an action adventure movie with every episode ending in a PAGE TURNER climax.


this technique of time traveling through flashback has reached a point of perfection -- it is, after all, a technique that american audiences are so infatuated with as a means of plot reveal and catch up.


but interestingly, our lead character's only appears to be vulnerable when he's emotionally open,


else wise, he appears virtually bullet proof and untouchable no matter how many times you touch him. as a gimmick, he's a walking physical train wreck that one character describes as "a map of a road crash." and it's true. he basically starts out as THE PORTRAIT OF DORIAN GRAY and then after every scene he just gets more and more beat to sht.


and the comic book connection for this show is quite gorgeous. the creators of this show have been reared on epic gore and violent story lines. they are the tarantino's of the inked world, so the show has a solid faithfulness that only comes from someone who really understands BOTH storyboarding and film making.


but the lead character spends his life in a flip-flopping psychotic reality that fluctuates between gruesome and extravagant murder scenes of execution, torture and graphic ultra violence. the scene skips are literally like a bloody ball bouncing from one crime scene to another. that's the problem with naming a show after a character who isn't the protagonist -- these kinds of shows never really survive.


and HAPPY is not the main character, but honestly, he should be. nick sax should be second fiddle to this delightful little savior.


let's don't forget the microwave baby syndrome while we're at it. it's stuff like this that casts a sad shadow over the show -- the dark nihilism of tomorrow's international playboys.


these guys just had to add that segment to give it that robust quality of insanity. but did it work?

no, it just cemented the future infatuation of humanity with infant murders as a potential website. the dark nets are coming fast.




the new nets will escape current law and create their own insulations against the world of laws and morality.

the new nets will use INFORMATION AND CREDIT to let you in.


people don't really seem to see these new nets or understand this MASSIVE CHANGE in litigation and control.


i suppose this is the same perpetual motion as when the 9/11 towers fell down -- the show just speeds downward towards nothing really. i mean, come on, this show is all about saving one little girl while so many others are murdered around.


so it is like those 9/11 towers where the floors are already falling out from beneath the point of free fall as preset explosions demo the universe in which the lead character, Nick Sax is falling and waking and hallucinating his way through at full-on legal MEDZ speed mixed with narcotics and alcohol and violent misunderstandings.


this is the crime fantasy of late stage pharmacopeia addiction.


and in the same way that honda car commercials that play during the commercial breaks used a eunuch’s voice to sell the finer points of the car, most television that goes in this direction backs out.


they pussy down. they take the man out of the man and try to sell it to a woman.


but not HAPPY.


HAPPY goes full-on pussy up with an insanity that is reminiscent of perhaps the TRULY greatest example of psychotic MEDZ tv — xavier renegade angel.


at this point i should include a story about my cousin sean and incest. i had never heard of "xavier -- renegade angel", but he insisted that i watch it.


and i did. and weirdly, i don't think i can really watch anything that goes beyond that. it's like the highest toxicity that the mind can see. i'm sure that others will come up with stuff, but you can't unwatch or unsee


introducing child abuse stories you can watch.

personally, i think child torture of any kind should be not only illegal, but something all involved in creating should be criminalized and put somewhere. there is no excuse.


children are not a necessary life function for everyone and people who don’t take their children seriously are the biggest social menace there is inside a social contract arena.


and, as if the show doesn't already have enough disgust -- insert the "hostel" scenario following the WSB bug scenario of alien control.


it's a bit like the show crashes into AMERICA HORROR STORY: HOTEL by episode four.


only five episodes have been released so far but we can make several predictions.


first, the story line will not be very interesting.


second, this show will influence TONS of other shows.


third, infant and child murder/torture tv is on the rise.


fourth, this means SNUFF FILMS/TV are also on the rise. real snuff films, not fake tv stuff.


fifth, this also means child sacrifice and human sacrifice is back on the table for real.


sixth, in the long standing tradition of grisly and hilarious shows like: REAPER, THE EVIL DEAD, ASH VERSUS EVIL DEAD, etc., all sorts of shiny off-casts of the original TROMEO & JULIET, this one will make its mark mostly for the style in which it tells the story. the techniques of the creators with color and speed and angles and such will be the gift. we won't remember any of the characters or care about them in anyway. it's a gristle and sinew show, not much more. it's power will be in what it shows other writers what they can do.


lastly, i liked this at first but because of the failures of HAPPY to actually be the protagonist, this show probably won't end up making me too HAPPY.

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Taken on January 12, 2018