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some of the dumbest people on earth are from the united states of ENTITLEMENT, scott richard | by torbakhopper
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some of the dumbest people on earth are from the united states of ENTITLEMENT, scott richard


white supremacy in america is a fking joke.


those who align with it are INFERIOR in so many ways that it's an embarrassment to other whites. yes, that's right, you're SHTTY STUPID FKS with the intelligence of a baffled greyhound pointed backward in the racing cage.


translation: you are DUMB AS FK.

that's why you're really pissed off -- you want to blame your stupidity and the transgressions of your "secret" government for your DEBT and your impending poverty on ANYONE but yourselves.


but you haven't bothered reading anything about 9/11 or the way your own shtty government has sold you out from NAFTA to every other scam in the past three decades.


you want to see how crappy your government is?

go read this.


the bush family was so besoiled in saudi politics it would make a giraffe throw up it's own baby backward.


or it could make a cow pee gasoline into a milk bottle.

a molotov cowtail.


but no, these FK UPS want to blame non-whites for their position. even after they have allowed the immigration laws to stay in place for DECADES and tried at every turn to profit off the backs of these foreigners.


further, these fecal-face-scrubbing idiots want to pretend that GLOBALISM isn't taking over every country in the world as the THUG CARTELS (yes, the worst ones are not in russia or china, they are FAKE AMERICANS using this country to skewer and maim humanity) begin to show their faces.


but these WHITE unSUPREMACISTS don't seem to get that people like their new FAKE PRESIDENT -- an old, insidious piece of SHT who wishes he belonged to the cartel gods, but is such a washout they will only use him as FINGER PUPPET -- are pissing in the wind and it's gonna get all over your clothes.


oh well, i guess when you have everything you just turn into a fking DITCH!


way to go america.


you're an embarrassment with no excuse except your own folly and your own addictions and your own waste.

you MADE THIS all.


stop blaming others.


solutions rarely come from blame.


half of you BELONG in DEBTOR's prisons for your personal crimes against USURY which you decided was a good idea even though the people you hate the most are USURERS and have enslaved you by NOT HAVING a debtor's prison.

but no TRUE credit system can exist without a PUNISHMENT capacity.


so look forward to that!!!


and war, WAR is a great answer for the pocketbooks of the THUG CARTELS, heck, they make and sell them worldwide and start wars and overthrow governments for fun.


so go along and play into their wishes.

start your little "civil war" and watch how quickly the NEW POLICE show up in your lives.


you'll probably be surprised because you OBVIOUSLY haven't been paying attention for YEARS.


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Taken on September 11, 2017