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GLOBALTIQUES & THE GENTRIFICATION BOMB & the redevelopment of the "mission" :  it's a MISSIONARY strategy, afterall, perfected by the colonialist whites & their lawyers -- west mission transitions, scott richard | by torbakhopper
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GLOBALTIQUES & THE GENTRIFICATION BOMB & the redevelopment of the "mission" : it's a MISSIONARY strategy, afterall, perfected by the colonialist whites & their lawyers -- west mission transitions, scott richard


you probably hear a lot buzz pharseology about the modern world if you live in a NON URBAN environment.


and GENTRIFICATION is one of those buzzwords you probably have heard.


but what is it exactly?


i'll tell you, it's a bit like the conflict in the disputed states of israel/palestine.


CLEARLY there is a group of people who have "occupied" the mission for decades.


and it's true, the mission is a bit of a dump, a party zone, a place for dirt and trash to not get picked up. that has been true since i've been in the city and i've been living in this city off and on for 27 years.


i've seen the way the city has finally AWOKEN to the notion that the sunniest parts of this glorious city are oddly, the crappiest neighborhoods in the city. that is, no one really wanted to live there way back when -- they all seemed to really like pacific heights and areas running out to the ocean coast.


so these other areas were ethnic slums of affordability, toxic wastelands and industrially criminal dumpsites, work zones (all along the bay and running south from SoMa),

or they were CREATED GHETTOS by the city itself (oj simpson grew up in the ghetto land on the east side of potero hill).


they call these PRISON GHETTOS "projects". but they were really just zoo-like compounds to keep bad drugs and dangerous lifestyles "protected" and contained -- and by that, i mean that the intentionality to keep BLACK PEOPLE down was planned and forced.


i lived between two of these projects for a couple of years. one on lower haight and the other on guerrero.


back then, carless and dependent on public transport BUT MOSTLY walking, we existed between the lower haight and the mission with the castro as the third part of the triangle.


so we constantly were exposed to the projects and the dangers and hostilities and sheer craziness that emanated from these places.


trust me, if you, dear reader, had grown up in these places, you would not be the person you are today. the stench of body wastes was an embarrassment to the entire city, but these places were literally LIKE prisons so their outer exposure to the streets was limited as were the window framings and things like that.


anyway, over the past 25 years as the OWNERSHIP of the mission district INVISIBLY has become owned by ASIANS (over 45% of the entire area is now under their ownership and control -- a disturbing trend throughout U.S. metropoleis that u.s. citizens should become more aware of at a POLITICAL level since our own government is SELLING US OUT to foreign conglomerates to make up for all the bad loans SO MANY OF YOU TOOK!!!), the war against the OCCUPYING people has intensified.


now, for every new building put in, the impact on the average pre-existing resident bumps up about 35 CENTS on every single product that a person will purchase.




if a new building introduces 200 new people who all exist on a hefty income, they will want their 4$ coffee.


and the coffee shops will HAPPILY charge 4$ for coffee. it's a total win for them.

at first.


because after awhile four other coffee shops open on the same block and the competition ALLOWS THE CORPORATE shop to kick ass all over the local cafe because it is supported by ALL of its shops, not just one.


and this is the way GENTRIFICATION STRANGLES THE FK out of the natives.


they are doing it RAMPANT in cuba right now and setting up a bunch of other places for it -- just watch a TONY BOURDAIN show to see where all the future HOT SPOTS of gentrification will cause social war and injustice and prosperity and division among foreign people.


anyway, here's the pics of the GENTRIFICATION BOMB.


the gentrification bomb is a phrase that refers to the absolute HOLOCAUST of putting in a new building.


the sheer amount of time that the site is open causing NOISE POLLUTION, TRAFFIC ENSNARLMENT, construction workers and their vehicles and equipment in public parking spaces for locals, etc.


there is so much FALLOUT that it is as if AN INVISIBLE BOMB has gone off.


litearally. a BOMB.


personally, i've had to have two tires fixed just from the nails and screws these a$$Hoes accidentally leave around their sites that end up on the streets.


like shrapnel, the stuff ends up everywhere.


and i had a friend who accidentally rode his bike into a gigantic hole while riding in the dark one night.


this hole was INEXCUSABLY HUGE. it was basically a murder trap at the bottom of 19th street and dolores -- a three foot deep and six feet wide PIT that they had failed to cover up at the end of the day with a metal plate -- for any cyclist to plunge into.


he ended up in the hospital for three months and lost his memory. some bits and pieces have returned, but he is not the same person that i knew and it's so fkt up.


the carelessness of these A$$hoes who work for the GENTRIFICATION BOMBERS literally almost killed someone i knew. and yet we're all just quiet about this stuff and the BIG MONEY AND THE BIG BUSINESS (foreign CONGLOMS folks, this ain't american anymore) just keeps winning.


and i'm okay with that.

i just think AWARENESS ABOUT IT is super important.


one of the FUNDAMENTAL differences between a city and a metropolis is that a city is full of people who have lived there and know the city. they are a vital component to the tone and flavor and vibration of NON PEOPLE stuff.


in a METROPOLIS, big business and its cultures takes over and slowly kicks any form of "fingerprint" competition out.


fingerprint competition is the genius of real people versus the mimicry of corporate imagination.


corporate imagination is limited to abusing other, taking profits and lying about it.


so it usurps real art, real music, real culture, real life.

that's the nature of itself.


corporations constantly try to steal reality from humans.


on the other hand, cities are made up of people and the corporations of course show up because they feed on people.

and now we actually are considering giving these FAKE ENTITY FRONTS the same rights as people?

lol silly bunnies.


on the flipside, a metropolis is full of strangers with a good mix of solid locals to tell all the strangers where to go. but the locals are soon forced out by aging as the speed of metropolis life is actually much faster and without the same kinds of "rest" that a city life builds into it.


but the "feel" of a metropolis is the power of invisibility. in a city, you see a lot of people you know all the time. in a metropolis, those people you recognize are like an object in a TIME ELAPSE PHOTO that doesn't move while the river of life creates a blur around them.


your UPS and FEDex drivers becomes the "local" faces that you constantly see and remember. the barista who never wants to be more than a barista becomes remembered simply because they are always there. and a metropolis becomes full of these random strangers that slowly become like foreign words we have learned to pronounce over time and through constant but non-invasive exposure.


in ten years, the mission will be literally UNRECOGNIZABLE to the place it is today.


the height of the buildings will create a completely different experience of shade and light and the weather will be insanely great. the trees will be ten years taller and the streets will have commercialized and successfully-tried storefronts that are global and boutique -- or as i like to say GLOBALTIQUE.


if you're not a foreign chinese buying party (that is a group of one hundred + MEN from china who all invest in one FRONT man -- usually a chinese-american who buys for them/represents their funds, not his) it is fair to say that it's always a good investment to buy where the foreign chinese are buying.


look at the areas of lower manhattan that are totally controlled by foreign chinese. the retail value EXPLODES and then they start building skyscrapers and hotels for foreignors.


and yes, the word COLLUSION should be popping up in your head. and yes, your DUMPTRUCKPRESIDENT has made the same deals backwards with foreign powers.


because in all fairness, the U.S. is really just FINALLY getting slapped back for all the same awful sht that we've been doing to HUNDREDS of nations around the world.


but collusion of this nature is anti-communitarian, so STAND UP and speak up and make changes if you are a communitarian.


i am.


and these people suck.

mostly because they are vacuous and empty and imperial egoed to the degree that they worship themselves and their empire building lusts.


no new news here.

you can read my book of poems from 1993 when these same AHOES -- of all colors and creeds and sexes -- were doing the exact same sht.


we've been doing it for thousands of years, we've just never had so many people to do it with and that's the big change.


it's like a deformation or a misguided spaceship that grows larger and larger or moves further and further from its destination.


in the meantime, the locals suffer through the empire-building grows of FOREIGNERS and CAPITALISTS who don't give a sht about the locals.


and in all of this, i'm not saying i care about the locals. that's a mixed bag. i judge people individually and groups of people by the concerted actions.


the "people" of the mission have always been economically oppressed and poor to my mind.


the invaders are entitled, monied, employed elsewhere and transitory.


these are the main issues that cause problems.

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Taken on April 5, 2017