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over the past 7 years this "pop-up" town has emerged along the bay and is known as "mission bay", scott richard | by torbakhopper
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over the past 7 years this "pop-up" town has emerged along the bay and is known as "mission bay", scott richard


so much money and power has flowed into this once dead area of the city.


now it is oddly like a pilot community -- a project for the rich and entitled.


peopled by genentech and ucsf, the area is accessed only through very select roads.


a new sports and spectacle center called the CHASE center (after one of the biggest promoters of usury in the world) is also going in here.


the place is a disneyland for the monied and for "future families" who are all technologically streamlined for advancement and biotech implants.


this POPUP land will have astonishingly large political power and clout because of the density impact that these SUDDEN AND LARGE residential buildings will lend.


they will all be VOTERS who are 1: new to the city

2: monied and employment entitled.

3: full supporters of their own personal lifestyle and choices

4: indentured to their owners.


this is the equivalent of letting people who owe more than 10K to vote.


it's just a bad decision that leads to FAKE VOTES when people start voting for their DEBT or for their sovereign overlords.


suffice it to say, BUY ALONG THE PENINSULA!!!


the best options are going to be further south where the weather is better and less windy.


but KNOW THIS>>>


treasure island will ONE day run three miles down the middle of the bay.


it will provide the most sophisticated "Floating island" habitat ever known to humans.


and it will be beautiful.


the views from the coast of the peninsula of treasure island will be spectacular.


the transport system for the island will not involve cars at all. there will be undersurface transystems up and down the island in a manner simliar to manhattan, but the island won't be so wide that it requires cross town shuttles and there will be three separate train lines instead of two. the middle train line will be an express line.


so save your money for that day. the city will also have adopted air trams at this point along the ridge lines of the city's biggest hills.


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Taken on August 13, 2017