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BUTTERFLY SPELLS --  & you won't stop us with your nonsense, scott richard | by torbakhopper
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BUTTERFLY SPELLS -- & you won't stop us with your nonsense, scott richard

a reposted essay from february -- still useful for any MIND JEDIS who have awoken:

they've already worked wonders!!!


the satanists will of course be very mad at me for sharing these simple spells.



but try them out.



they are very dangerous but ONLY if they are deserved.






because the brighter arts of magick, unlike the darker arts, do not attack directly, thus shielding the caster from the "darkness" of the spell. and in shielding the caster, the shield extends to all who are not poisoned directly by the butterfly.



the butterfly, unlike the explosive volatility of the nuclear dark arts, has more than what we call a laser precision.

it is going to the source to drink.



in modern cartoon words, it's really TWO spells. the first spell is the caster's URL.



the second spell is the borrowed riff.



these spells are based on the PERSON BEING CAST AGAINST's personal confession of their greatest fear. i did not make them up, they are not mine, and i'm only suggesting that you use them.



however, as a litigious caveat, these SPELLS do not work UNLESS the person being cast against, actually knows they deserve it. this is a SELF PUNISHING SPELL. in NO WAY is this spell driven. it is a butterfly with a direct connect to the spring.

the poisoned spring can't stop it from drinking.



which in harry potter land, is part of the INVISIBLE power that is attached to the CASTER's URL.



what is a URL?



a URL is your personal choice to be brighter or darker.



darker magick is forbidden because it is inherently RAMPANT.


currently, we are under the control of dark magicians.

dark rhetoric and SUPER SUPER BRIGHT rhetoric ALWAYS use hyperbolic/superlative grammar. it's a PARTICULAR stink that is SMUG on 11 or righteous indignation manifested as SUPREME DOGMATISM. i do a lot of the latter, so you can take it from me. it's ALL CAPS, so to speak.



but brighter magicians don't use dark magick. BECAUSE IT'S RAMPANT.

you can't control who it hurts or why and just how deeply.

but our new dark overlords don't give A SHT about that.

they cast darkest magick spells more and more everyday.



and rampant is like sht DARK ARTS scientists saying a toxic element has a half life of 13k years instead of simply saying, THIS SHT IS SUPER BAD ALWAYS.



anyway, look at the spells, i need not write them here.



my favorite of them all is this one.




and this is dumptruck president's greatest fear.



more to come.

cuz don't forget -- it's the invisible lords with their hands so far up his BEEEEEEEEEEP that we need to deal with directly.



they are USING THE CLOWN'S NOSE technique of shill gaming (look! look! look at the bright orange nose!!"



classic strategy for stupid animals like hormone enraged bulls about to be slaughtered as spectacle.



we gotta knock their shells off the table instead of playing/being played.



and that ain't NO BLLSHT!!



that's just RODEO LOGIC.

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Taken on August 3, 2017