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the national "pretty woman complex" & why FAKE LAW sucks the most, scott richard | by torbakhopper
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the national "pretty woman complex" & why FAKE LAW sucks the most, scott richard




folk song

1990 <<<<<<<<<


"now i'm not trying to be flippant here

or irreverent,

or exploitive,

or sarcastic,

or ironic,

or post


and this is not a parody,

get it,

got it




who doesn’t work for the media and fake news??!!?!?

seriously, LISTEN TO THIS song and the words and think to yourself, WTF has changed since 1990?!?!?!




i have compiled a gigantic set of essays linking NBC to the one world take-over scheme that uses NATION STATES as shields to create war, tension and TV WORTHY drama.


they are hunting for war theaters.


flash back to trump's "national front for invisible leaders" team -- chock full of hacks with bloated, fake resumes. fking idiots. they are like FKING DOLLS in boxes that have never had a chance to be played.


yet they're trying TO PLAY US?!?!?!


that huckabee lady is like a DOE IN THE HEADLIGHTS. so fking stoooopid. how did she get her job and why are we PAYING FOR IT?!?!


people who call themselves good and then can't even lie are just hypocrites, they're SHALLOW HYPOCRITES. and nobody likes shallow hypocrites more than a fellow PRETTYOFF.


and trump is the KING of the PRETTYOFFS.

which is why the whole house of cards about his illegal business deals all over the world will be revealed soon by wiki.


but wiki isn't on your side.

trust me, the internet H8s evrybdy.


you heard it here first. a long time ago



anything else is LITERALLY business.


omfg! more cheerleaders.

dancing in heaven.

michael j fox in a silver delorean.

cocaine for everyone.

infant facial reconstructive surgery for the ugly.

super blue meth from mexico for the overlly productive who want to notch it up a kick.


remember, international beauty fronts are LITERALLY places where black market industry's simultaneous hold their meetings. it's a great deflector.


marshall mcluhan was very clear that "we" are the medium by which all messages arrive and that the medium was bigger than us.



he posited the idea that we as a “species" were the intellectual reproductive organs on a being/creation entity that longed for artificial intelligence as a living form.


presumably so that it could play with itself?

that just sounds like amped-up weakminded xian god mess THEORY all over again.


but maybe trump and putin and the rising national front are just the boner power of a species that is supposed to get erect before they shoot their spiritual load.



maybe autocar and the matrix need some kind of foreplay.



and isn’t fake news just that?



isn’t fake news designed to make you feel good and NOT do anything?



and maybe fake news is supposed to lead to sex.



i don’t know.



it’s all so discouraging to try and figure out.



it’s as if this GREAT NATION of amazing people have been simmered down into a shtty sauce that is made up of arrogant, anti-human pundits and products and politics.



sck sht.



if you turn on your internet, you’re looking at fake news.




trump is the clown’s nose.


and if you listen closely to the grammar people use -- both sides are lying, duh!! -- you can rule out what they have and haven't done based on the exceptions they draw.


for example, trump was tapped. but there is no official, provable trail to the previous president.


but the CIA & the FBI tap anybody they want.

and they tap people they think matter. it's their fking job.

and they don't follow the law.


listen to the 9/11 commission report if you're so fking naive.

it details how SHTTY our behavior is based on BREAKING THE FKING LAW TO GET WHAT WE WANT.


wake up.



we need to know WHO THE FK is/are our leader/leaders now.


and lastly, people are hung up about FAKE NEWS, but shouldn't they also be getting a little shifty about FAKE LAW?


tv news has fake lawyers with ear pieces and google support to run video. this can instantly show someone as either FLAT OUT LYING or FLIPFLOPPING, which can transmit lots of strange emissions and viruses of the mind.


the trump team is a walking HOT BED OF MENTAL/SOCIAL diseases. it's almost like they were hired by the sheer number that they had left untreated.



and forget thee not, there is an urban myth from the 1990s in southern california about how russia would be used as a red herring for an outside attack from within by the chinese. just saying. if you look at the timeline, the ability to have created invisible armies with real life modern weapons that could be used against a confused or INTENTIONALLY CIVIL DISRUPTED civilian class of unprotected and non-weaponized citizens. you know, using a church as a front for political gatherings and strategic planning meetings in your own language, stuff like that -- the GOOD PEOPLE FRONT lie.


and then the state and local enforcement agency would be dealing with the INTENTIONAL civil disruption and never even see their killers coming for them.


it's compelling military strategy as well.

it has the long view on its side.

it knows its enemy well and enjoys the game of waiting for triumph.


it's ALMOST funny how a conspiracy theory sounds more credible than actual news or fake news.




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Taken on March 8, 2017