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the waterways of koi, scott richard | by torbakhopper
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the waterways of koi, scott richard

the truth about science.



like a religion, science misunderstands itself.


and its followers, in holding up this misunderstanding are very demanding people.


first thing to know about science -- every idea in it has been debunked and will be. this is the first law of grammar.


from which all lies then spring.


so know that about science.



not one isn't more than a step stool toward understanding.

and more OFTEN THAN not,

those stepping stools are actually backed and funded by some entrepreneur/war mongerer who foments USURY.


so there's apparently ALWAYS THAT.


next time someone bullies you about disregarding science, just toss that petri dish into their face.


next thing you need to know about science -- after you see who's getting paid for all the concrete -- is that it's a business front for oligarchs.


no applause necessary, but you're paying for it spiritually, so clap away.


like a religion, science has lofty thoughts of its own ego.

just look at how confusing and egocentric it is to name a disease after a person or a star. it's fkt up and misleading.

it makes the knowledge and principles disappear for an individual. it's cultic to use this kind of nomenclature.


or to pretend to be a philanthropist and fund hospitals that house massively money-gamed machines that charge gazillions and gazillions of dollars to keep operating -- next victim puhlease!!!!


we don't need to know what the frozen yogurt is going to do to us.


thanks for all your fake MONIED generosity fkrberg.

it means nothing after your buddies fleece the system and start charging retail.


manipulators and shill games always start like that.


so take your hodgkinsons and alzheimers and smirnadokkas and stuff them up your lalapaloozas. call them way better names that include info, not just personal history fame.


cuz that's EXACTLY CULT SHT.


and science isn't supposed to be a cult or a relgion.


it's an exploration that sets boundaries and helps applications.


but look at CANCER RESEARCH. it's bigger than track betting!!!


and by bigger, i mean


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Taken on March 25, 2017