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all things rest -- <b> Consequently, no single, specific, human view can claim to represent absolute truth."</b>, scott richard | by torbakhopper
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all things rest -- <b> Consequently, no single, specific, human view can claim to represent absolute truth."</b>, scott richard



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"the rest is noise"


"Jains contrast all attempts to proclaim the sole monopoly on truth with andhagajanyāyah, which can be illustrated through the [oft misattributed to ALBERT PIKE of the free masons] parable of the "blind men and an elephant [pike translates it to the experience of god]". In this story, each blind man felt a different part of an elephant (trunk, leg, ear, etc.). All the men claimed to understand and explain the true appearance of the elephant, but could only partly succeed, due to their limited perspectives.[3] This principle is more formally stated by observing that objects are infinite in their qualities and modes of existence, so they cannot be completely grasped in all aspects and manifestations by finite human perception. (This is the Absolute Truth.) According to the Jains, only the Kevalis—omniscient beings—can comprehend objects in all aspects and manifestations; others are only capable of partial knowledge.[4]


Consequently, no single, specific, human view can claim to represent absolute truth."


-- from wiki


among the fundamental misdirections in the entirety of western science and satanism is the direct focus on force, instead of rest.


the philosophers were blamed for searching toward synthesis of ideas and thought that tried to understand the “source” of rest. but then they, too, were distracted by movement.


and movement and force are interconnected by grammatical and intelligent constructs of observation and proof trials.


but to do this, we needed to create the illusion of gravity. and it took some time for people to become comfortable with this intrusion. gravity is much more condemning than one can imagine.


it competed heavily with the catholic church’s ideas about “original sin”.


the invention of gravity defied the control-hold that the church had over the imaginations of the ordinary people. gravity shifted the intellectual burden of guilt from the “downtrodden” and placed it onto EVERYONE.


obviously, any power structure that is confronted with destructive ideas to its own prefixed notions is going to be/must be willing and capable of shooting down the opposition, even if it came in peace and represented a fulfillment of a greater understanding..


over and over again we shoot the messenger down.


the “history” of what we laughingly call DARWINISM is something every literate person should study. just to realize how long that theory actually took to even get into a place where it could begin to even run the gauntlet of persecution which ultimately led to the theory of evolution and the manufacturing of a book that could contain the ideas in a narratively interesting way that defied presenting itself as ANOTHER direct attack on the british monarchy.


ah, such tripe.

such hidden wars and squabbles. like train conductors fighting on top of a train as it races through the night —


“there is a god!!”

“there are no invisible creatures!!!”

“there will be no idols!!!”

“you can’t have sex!!!"


and what have they done to show how superior their way is? mod con living? really?


but gravity — like time and love and global warming --, is merely an idea that we entertain. it was created by a man.


and like many good ideas, it had the power to take its hold where it ALWAYS does — in our minds.


gravity — like cheating and lying and making things up — is a willful decision to get to the border-end of an unknown territory.


and that territory is the land of rest.


all things rest and literally resist the idea of force. force is change, but change is inevitable, but so is the desire to rest, which is the only thing which “made up the concept of change” in the first place.




field music

"the noisy days are over"


and so we wrestle with the logic of compulsion and motion and energy and we fabricate the means by which we understand location and position and now and then.


geopositioning takes over the framework of interpretation. all things become located through comparative record.


all ideas are then relegated through this very narrow pipe hole of understanding.


it is the death/suppression of other ideas. it is the “my pipe or the no way” option.


and when people stare down this tiny tube hole of understanding -- and oh we all do, our entire society and concept of civilization and progress and religion and language and money and time and love and energy and enslavement and power and control and hierarchy!


and we have learned to see and to interpret what we see.

i had a college professor who liked to repeat something he'd heard but pretended was his own -- "you can never go broke underestimating the bad taste of the americans."


and eventually we've forgetten that we can’t see anything outside the tube, and WORSE, that what we can see through the hole is such a stupid tiny little hole, that to form ideas about it is a form of insanity. it is the "if you hold sht in front americans long enough, they will start to judge it" syndrome.


and it is this last part which socrates tipped the hat he never had at it. he was encouraging the philosopher mind to turn away from the donkey show because what can really come of that?!?


seriously, the donkey show is about selling alcohol and prostitutes while encouraging pick-pocketers and thieves to ransack the bar.

but we ALL KNOW how the food & beverage industry loves a good party. they are the backbone of all event planning and we all are in cahoots.


it's mahabharata 101.

we are trapped deep inside the hole&pocket theories.


we make up big bangs (force) to escape the concept of rest.

we create evolution theories, to look forward toward change.

but we never really look toward rest.

even in yoga in this country.

so there is no union between breath and rest.

it is an "exercise" instead.


seriously, when was the last time you saw a person who had been resting so long they had snails growing on their head like a factory farm field?


oh yeah, the old people's home where they suck down so many fking drugs you'd think they'd have escargot industries or hidden pharmacies and dispensaries running away with the drugs and just replacing the old people's medz with heroin direct.


but that's what plato said of socrates -- he was a philosopher not a doper or a white techcoat.


and honestly, socrates lived in a the pre-gravity world of ideas.


we can’t know if he imagined that people we’re not “eternal”. he didn’t live inside the same framework of terror that we do. there was no "jesus debt" at that time.


now, we live in literal terror of the imagination.

the credit debtors have taken their death grip on the countries that identify themselves as "first", "second" or "third" tier "nations".


they all OWE their existence now to those lenders.


but in reality,

where is this terror?


for the most part, in my life, i never see this terror. it simply is not real.


i only see it on the news and on tv shows and songs that are popular.


for the most part, my own life is surrounded by an incredible amount of peaceful people overly preoccupied with their busy lives.


and everyone seems happy. not like GLEE happy GLEE, but happy as in their only real problems are imaginary and stem from relational issues or personal shatterings.


for the most part, they are healthy, warm, sheltered and fed/watered. most of them have places to sleep regularly.


and if that isn’t the basis for happiness, what is?


if that isn’t truly what HAPPINESS is, then we are too fully deluded.


so i see most everyone in my life as HAPPY.


what they do with their HAPPINESS is up to them.


sure, you want to wallow in shitty relationships? go for it, that’s a great way to use your HAPPINESS.


you would like to be a parent with your HAPPINESS?

it’s a big investment and you will lose HUGE chunks of your life. HUGE. and the return is risky. there is no way to predict how it can go. suffice it to say, your temperament and personality with be the biggest factor in the equation.


but remember, it’s what you did with YOUR HAPPINESS.


so what about REST?


rest is what those subjected to force remember most.


rest is the absence of force.


and the golden heart is resting.

it is not the “beating heart”.


the beating heart is war and sex and relationship.


the beating heart is terror and fear and ecstasy that ends in death.


the beating heart cannot beat long.


but the golden heart is at rest.

it does not beat.


jante loven:


The ten rules state:


You're not to think you are anything special.

You're not to think you are as good as we are.

You're not to think you are smarter than we are.

You're not to convince yourself that you are better than we are.

You're not to think you know more than we do.

You're not to think you are more important than we are.

You're not to think you are good at anything.

You're not to laugh at us.

You're not to think anyone cares about you.

You're not to think you can teach us anything.



this is the first step toward the golden heart.


once you have achieved jante loven

-- the utter suppression of the greedy, self-invested heart power --

you can do whatever you like.


jante loven may or may not precede the wisdom of the early gnostics. it does abide by their tenets. the god comes from within. we are not to procreate until we have let the god out. the god is not a person, place or thing. it is an expression. a truthfulness.


confusing the god with a person, place or thing is the root of jante loven's prohibitions against the "you".


if "one" is among the "we", all the actions of the "one" are of the "we".


this is the law of jante in the media age.



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