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"fk u, bitches, i park wherever i like!!"  happy holidays from UPS | by torbakhopper
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"fk u, bitches, i park wherever i like!!" happy holidays from UPS

as usual, private business conducted illegally on public streets FLOUTING public law


double standard in practice.



as before, i'd like to propose the "white van delivery" theory of city business/economics.


run by the city, owned by the city, controlled by the people.


no alternate delivery vehicles and therefore, no vehicles over 14 feet allowed anywhere in the city, including tour buses and city buses.


this new business model would position multinational conglomerates OUTSIDE of the city with no rights to special favor at public expense.


all deliveries would be processed through the city and distribution would be controlled and monitored by SIZE and SPACE limits.


can you imagine the amount of illegal business we could shut down!!!!??!


massive reduction of anarchistic business traffic would instantly become visible. so much hidden bullshit being shipped into this city every day...


right now, these massive, extra-city distribution systems like UPS and FEDex create mayhem and inflate the cost of living by bullying the commerce market -- the bigger you are, the more easily you make small businesses dependent upon your system.


white van delivery parking would be on every block and the city would need to redress its parking issues and recalibrate the actual number of cars that every single resident and business should be allowed to pay the permitting fees on.


bicycle thoroughfares should also be implemented in the best flow areas (we already know where those areas are) and no cars or white vans would be allowed to impede the cyclist's path.


aerial trams, OBVIOUSLY, should also be installed all along the eureka valley wall and out to the ocean.


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Taken on December 9, 2015