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if only we knew more from the start : san francisco bay (2009) | by torbakhopper
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if only we knew more from the start : san francisco bay (2009)

as a photographer, i can tell you, one of the best things about a photo is what one can remember about the exact moment.



for the viewer, it is only the content measure of time.


for the photographer, it was a world surrounded by meaning, space and time.


i have a strong memory system.

i can remember waking up and what took place on the morning if i see a photograph.


it's like a climber who finds a handhold which requires three points.


we make our world up from what we see.


and more so, as photographers, if we try to stuff this invisible power into our shots, it actually works.


all the hopes and all the dreams, which, like all brief life, also die...


what more shall we say of our past?




always and forever.



because it's so much fun to think of you -- and you're white! lebanese!

not my favorite for many reasons now...

and the way you chose to fail on purpose.


it's like an iPhone timer going off

and an insane person deciding to pretend'

they heard richard simmon's voice

encouraging them to be better.


there's a reason for haterz//


you ain't shit unless you h8



and i get that it isn't cool to say that,

but fk your pony boy who chooses being cool

to being

real. you gave up in the middle of the test.

you went from best



like mankind's judgement of the beast.


it ain't golden unless the watchmaker is crosshatching time

with profits in his pockets

and i've always been an artist

with an interest in the sidestepping of the rhyme.


i've had


with a purpose,

not a mission

on a porpoise.




it's your right.

but some of us were light scabbards from the start and

our aim was true.

we didn't need your sentiment to

warm our hearts.

we didn't need your bentwardness

to bend our sorrow's part.


you gave grift

so oxygenless.

instead of any promise of tomorrow.



i awoke this morning knowing i would be forever changed.


i was visiting "asia".


the myth of china would be over.


i would be immersed in the trade and cover, the people and their place. no longer would it be hidden in the proverb or the phrase.


i would see chinese and thai and korean.


their world would be invaded by me.


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Taken on November 13, 2009