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new victory in red night sky (2004) & how Facebook is a "black market creation" platform  : night series paintings, scott richard, manhattan (2015) | by torbakhopper
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new victory in red night sky (2004) & how Facebook is a "black market creation" platform : night series paintings, scott richard, manhattan (2015)

today i removed a bunch of "friends" from my Facebook stream,

and all of my family


i figure we can use the phones or meet in person...


anyway, it felt really good.


i had thought about it for awhile -- Facebook is an interesting platform and historically transformative. it is powerful and words and images really can kill, maim, destroy, uplift or invigorate. etc.


truth be told, i have decided that i like it simply as a promotional space -- not one where relationship building matters.


meaning, i'm not on Facebook to build friendships of any kind, i'm here to promote political change and present imagery for people to use and appreciate.


so if i haven't heard a peep from you in the past three months or longer, i deleted you.


nothing personal, just not interested in the responsibilities of Facebook friending.


and all my posts are public.


further, i'd like to add that what we refer to as the "Facebook" platform also encourages many types of behavior that are culturally spurious -- deceit, illusion and delusions become the backbone of a lot of activity when a social-sharing platform allows and encourages the idea of privatized behavior.


in the same way that flickr was originally a place where black market sales of drugs, weapons and illegal pornography could bloom and grow, Facebook privacy construction has left many kinds of loopholes for all forms of illicit but traceable behavior.


because Facebook is a book, it means that everything you've ever written here is in actual print.


so all of your social struggles and ups and down on this platform have not only been recorded and printed, your actions are being categorized and stored away into algorithms.


when you have an option to hide your "friend's" stream, you're just being a fking cuntita who isn't brave enough to be real. as a gnostic, i'm self-obligated not to lie or do things i don't like to do. that last part is so that i don't end up bringing resentment to the table with my life and my attitude.


maybe some more of you should adopt this stance? it literally will make for a better world.

being honest means not being nice in order to get away with shit.


when i first started Facebook, it was just to contribute to the book itself. i like the idea of the project and all.


overtime, friends and family discovered that i was on here, using the platform. with warnings about time constraints and my purpose here, i begrudgingly allowed the idea of "friending" to seep in over the years.


but the truth is that i suck at electronic communications. i already struggled with in-person relationshipping, but electronic communications are even worse, especially when i see the behavior of others i studied grammatology at a level that didn't stop after i graduated with a degree. i find it to be a fascinating study and the way in which people have historically lied and how they lie now is almost an intellectual obsession with me.


all that to say that it is super easy to identify lies and dissembling on Facebook.


many of you actually do this on Facebook -- i should, know, i've studied many of the streams of people who had "friended" me.


i was curious about the "interactive" presets that Facebook was creating to write their own algorithms. indeed, you could say i was fascinated by it.


having studied FLICKR's social formatting behavior for several years and seen the rise of myspace, i like seeing how the "engineers" in all of these projects manipulate their users -- especially when it comes to "work". that is, does the operating system create extra physical labor to complete tasks? do you have to use links and other means of "maze-control" that can be built into a program to steal a person's time or lead them away from their own interests or sell them a product they weren't shopping for... etc.


and i have had lots of time to explore their "connections", affiliations and their thoughts and, more importantly, the way in which their construction of ideas occurs and how it affects their ability to understand/misunderstand so many things.


worse, because the Facebook platform is poorly written, it's way too easy to see which friends they've hidden themselves from and it's way to easy to see when their own friends begin to hide their posts from their view.


Facebook is the quintessential land of invisible threads where social cobwebbing and hierarchical development prepare for the great glass spider.


many people deal with this weirdness by withdrawing from posting and participation. the patterns are easy to spot and chart since Facebook is technically a surveillance platform in the first place.


from the viewpoint of a grammatologist, one can literally feel these kinds of changes in the writing styles people use. the wording and word choices and the use of phrases begins to alter and shift. so does the "fluency rate" -- the difference between chronic users and those who rarely use Facebook.


anyway, those of you who are enacting these social strategies against your "friends" -- and you who know who you are -- you aren't the kind of person who really knows much about friendship in the first place.


or you do and you're just dishonest enough roll with it -- it's not more than a white lie to friend someone you don't like. and further, to remain "friends" after you've hidden them from your associations with the intent of a quiet burial, perhaps a resurrection of necessity later when it suits your own personal needs... a semi-warm list is better than a cold call, DITCHES!!!!


and i think the saddest part is that people like this don't really understand that friendship isn't that big of a deal. you don't need friends in this life, just like you don't need a spouse.


and Facebook undermines the concept of a friend just by using that word to describe and association and then using the platform itself to have each individual define their own nefarious definition.


i guess i wish people understood that they are making social contracting algorithms from this stuff. a method which makes mental slavery and maintenance MUCH easier than throwing the frog into the boiling water.


zuckerberg and his mental JO buddies are maliciously aiding people worldwide in the creation and maintenance of terrible social relationship models. not only has this type of platform riled up actual revolution, but it has torn hundreds of thousands of relationships apart.


but, like the way in which pharmaceutical medication accounts for about 80% of the suicides and murders in this country, people would rather blame guns than point the finger at the source.


lastly, it's still the longest book ever written by humans.


and when i say book, it's important to know that there is a hard copy.


for the purpose of the reproduction of this piece of drivel, i'd like to add that when FLICKR went to PRO accounts, what they really meant is that EVERYTHING on FLICKR was now undeletable.


the power of deleting and owning the trash of your investment shifted into their hands.


FLICKR owns rights to every user's stuff here with exception of th ephoto. all the other information is their domain officially now -- if you input it, they've got it -- text, data, location, etc.

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Taken on July 12, 2013