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the white gerber story : deletion technique, flower macro (2012) | by torbakhopper
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the white gerber story : deletion technique, flower macro (2012)

one thing which torbakhopper wrote a lot about was the way corporations would eventually convince the general public to pay for the AIDS/HIV drugs for africans. he claimed that certain business interests had intentionally created a huge group (32 million africans have HIV and the number is growing) of people who would require daily supplements/drugs in order to stay alive.


torbakhopper believed that the burden of "guilt" (this was an intentionally distributed disease -- though the actual physical distributors were probably unaware that they'd been used) would be shifted onto the "more prosperous and compassionate shoulders" of the first world. or, more clearly, drug corporation would take tithe money from over-entitled people who need to feel better about their state of opulence by tithing to "charitable" organizations.


but sadly, charity is rarely that.


today, bono of U2, and front man money launderer for drug cartel interests, stood up for these corporate interests and made a commercial with RED. they are asking for you to pay the 80 cents a day it takes to keep those drugs in african bodies.


here's the math:


.80 cents times 32 million per day = 25 million dollars


annually, the cost = $9,344,000,000


just so you know, in the last three decades, AIDS/HIV has become over a billion dollar industry.


these new numbers would make it even more so, since most emphasis and expenditure of donated money so far has gone to drug companies anyway.


but the real math is that 98% of that 80 cents a day is going into a drug dealer's pocket. end of story. and the real truth is that corporations will use drug distribution as a means of taking over any operating of economy that are currently in place. the true enslavement of the africans will be final if this kind of "kindness" goes through.


so beware.

these people made AIDS, they orally vaccinated the people in the hot sites of africa (five specific countries all clustered together) with the AIDS virus, it took about 23 years to fully incubate and become known. but this was then hidden by the media terrorists who used the smokescreen of "apartheid" and later the "genocide of rwanda" to distract global awareness from the rapid transmission and effects of this terrible unleashing. they intentionally focused the disease on homosexuals and used people's natural loathing of "sexual deviants" to vilify the disease instead of allowing the world to know where the true epicenter of the disease was located.


basically, using people's health to make your industry was against torbakhopper's code of conduct. he felt that all people should be aware of these kinds of tactics that get used over and over again.


all things fall apart ... or do they?

viral warfare is pretty fking low.


the recent ebola lies attest to this as well.



-- arbiters of the will for torbakhopper


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Uploaded on November 29, 2014