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the internal disturbance : mural, the women's building, san francisco (2012) | by torbakhopper
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the internal disturbance : mural, the women's building, san francisco (2012)




it's hard being a gnostic in this world of generating pollution.


images like this and others, all purporting that birth is the most important goal of the living human, disgust me.

gnostics fundamentally believe that procreation is THE FUNDAMENTAL sin against humanity.


not until a person has achieved their full godhood are they even worthy of bringing spirit into being through the act of self replication. fuck all you want. just don't make babies. and that's why people have sloughed gnostics. they get hung up on the NO JUDGEMENT part that says "FUCK ALL YOU WANT!!!!!!"


they seem to forget that the only part the gnostic cares about is DON'T MAKE BABIES. but this message gets bleeted out by the dirty minds of sexually immature people who still have unexplored fantasies and dream of banging under-aged girls or losing themselves in an orgy or some other twisted part of their psychotic and repressed sexual personae.


so that's where the message stops -- stuck on the twisted mess of the sexually immature and underdeveloped sexual personae. like a teenager who can't stop beating off, the society runs away with its adolescent dreams and fantasies about what sex would be like, could be like, might be like, should be like...


but it isn't.

and the sexually mature person knows this through experience.

experience should be required before ANYONE gives birth.


that is what the gnostics believe.

and even then, birthing is still something to be discussed as a COMMUNITY.

and the chosen nature of children should be the gift that we give to ourselves to benefit all.


and we KNOW this.

we really do, so i'm not making an argument, i'm simply stating what we already know, but have somehow lost our ability to see it and do it and be it.


it is a complete fallacy to place so much emphasis on the purpose of humanity.

our society is MAD mad mad.

completely insane.



and the bullshit evolutionists do this as well as the xian and islamic philosophers and tyrannizers of the human spirit.


birth is the beginning of death. it is the human goal to overcome death.

or, it has been.


i plan to use my own life to demonstrate that a shorter life is better than an old one.

and i plan to speak out against ignorant birthing and the "supposed" right of humans to procreate. it is time that an accountability be shown and made known to others.

there is no timeline, there is our thoughts and our actions against a universe of unknowable variations and variables.


in light of the manufactured drought and famine that is coming, the sooner humans deal with the birthing issue, the sooner we will be able to see who the manufacturers are and why they are so intent upon enslaving other people's freedom.


so many living signs that came before have warned us that mass birthings will decimate the human spirit. that ACTUAL overpopulating disseminates the total content of this spirit and stretches it too thin.


the truth about lemmings is that they over expand their own populations and it causes extinction because their food supplies aren't enough to sustain them. they don't actually all run off the cliff as the disney clip would insinuate. they starve to death in their underground boroughs.


we are doing the same thing.

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Taken on May 14, 2012