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i've got lots of tips for you, son : san francisco (2014) | by torbakhopper
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i've got lots of tips for you, son : san francisco (2014)

one, don't fall in love.

love is a compromise that allows us to stop seeing reality.

we must stay present and avoid love and other emotions that lead to blindness.


two, trust is a banker's term.

trust no one.

no one actually "needs" to be trusted,

what we need is to be NOT DOUBTED,

to be not treated with conspiratorial suspicion and dread.

but trust is about money, not people.


three, lying is a way of communicating in the u.s.

it's not "wrong", it's just confusing when people lie to each other.

expect people to lie to you flat out.



four, you don't have a heart. you are a man. you are a whole, a total being.

when people hurt you, it's your mind that is suffering, not your heart.

when people lie to you, it is your being that is wounded, not your heart.


lastly, people always disappoint each other, so heart or no heart, get ready to be disappointed by others.



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Taken on April 4, 2014