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November 2008 | by novembertwothousandandeight
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November 2008

November 2008


Today, well lived, makes yesterday a dream of happiness, and tomorrow a vision of hope.


We Can Not Buy Time, It Iz a gift from God make every second count,

say EYE luv U more often,

n do all things positive N good leyek God

...God IZ gud...N God IZ Luv


we cant change teyem butt teyem can change u...


88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88


Let us clear our throats...cough3, gag3, ralf3 n all yo evil peepoz faces... ;) heh heh heh


Haffeh Burfdei 2 yeoo!!! woowh!!!

Yeoo live N Duh Zeoo!!! woowh!!!

U L@@K like Juan Monkeh!!!! woowh!!!

N yeoo shmell like Juan Toe!!! woowh!!!


Jus Kidding, Haffah a good Juan wit all yo family and frenz...n let dem all b positive Y 10-Q


As 4 all that who has passed....respect the passed, therefore, never b 4goten!!!!


N eh booh tay eye missed? so sorreh...pah leez 4give me...tanx ah...Caitlin May Oahu


Saturday November 1

Ohana Day in Ewa Beach...and whoever called was bonding or sleeping. I received all ur messages by the way...thanx Alena Ramiscal Wong/Palisades-Pearl City Ypahu 88 Grad, Allan Bonsilao/Mililani Ypahu 88 Grad, Virgil Seatriz/Lahaina Maui LahainaLuna? 87 Grad...missed calls, Richie Gage Gabres/Nuuanu and Jennifer Nguyen/Waipio...


Suny Idica...u sure our Dynamic 88 pot luck today? I passed by at Managers Park and nut'n hunneh...n e ways, great talking to u yesterday...u always crack me up...n next time u text me "Happy Halloween" add yo nem kuz my old cell fone duzn't display ur name...thanx...muah ={)...owh u c...I snooze I lose...the Party was at Managers near the Park at Glen Ancheta's House...dag nab its...owh Freddy "Fish" Castro...put me in d loop in d Email addresses pah call u lates...thanx 4 D 411 A.B. Hope u all had fun Ypahu Dynamic 88 Gradz...when'z the next ShinDig? Lemeno per email..thanx =)


Sunday November 2

Wes Flores comes back from NYC =) chee hee


Pickup Wes Flores from d airport and hungout =)


Dixie Dela Vega Happy Bday! Resides in San Diego Cali! Miss U 4mer neighbor! My loves and blessing to your ohana!


Monday November 3

JAH Morn'n allz...88s aka xoxo aka hugs n kisses


Leilani Tolentino Manuel Ayers 1988 Dynamic Class of Waipahu High School now in Oceanside/San Diego Cali Happy Bday...4mer at dah Hellton Hawn Bitch ... no longer a prisoner ... Thank GOD!!!


Aileen Manuel Fronda Twin sister of Leilani Manuel Ayers. Happy Bday U 2!


4th Grade EBES Field Trip Hawaii Nature Center


Might change Sprint/Nextel Cell Plan cause it SUX...they don't know what they're doing u call their NEXTEL Care...they transfer u 2 too many people hu don't know how to do their job...wut...u hiring...LMFAO (pardon my french =p) !!WARNING!! Don't get Sprint/Nextel LOST WWW...from unlimited texting change to 300 per month...they screwed up and I can only get incoming and cant text u back...sorry LOST d home number and leave a message...hee hee


Thanx Alissa Vallente Sabate and Jocelyn Pascual Dacuycuy 4 inviting me on's my site LOST WWW hee hee hee...keep me more bizeh...


come on gangehz...I got 17 friends hanging tuh add ur emails pah leez thanx =)


Nice talking to you Freddy "Fish" Castro...wut? Another Website? Facebook? hhhmmm let me dwell on that a bit...a lot of Dynamic 88 Classmates? I guess I'll look into it now 3:10pm =) add me on the Email Loop now...thanx and c u guys at our next get together.


FaceBook N eh juan? now how do I find people on this thang? Ah das ok....let dem find meh...they've been doing that tuh me on MySpace and Friendster LOL....I got suckered N2 Facebook aye Warren G Valbuena and Freddy "Fish" Castro? Thanks I guess =)


Hangout with Wes Flores


Thanks 4 D invite on the Bike Ride via Text Dean1 but me pass...have fun =)


Tuesday November 4

Cinderella got locked out again 3am...wut was dat step-mother u were mumbling suh n? Move out? Leave dah Van? heh heh heh ;) love you muah ={) feels like I'm in High School again...could that be? Nah, I didn't get locked out, I got locked in key um...I didn't use it but woke up evreh booh tay. Unless she locked the top lock which I could not use with any of my 2 house keys. All good =)


WOW!!! Choke peepoz like TAGGED me on heh heh...jus' like'd they find me? and Choke peepoz on Facebook aye? WOW...I found a New Love Facebook and Tagged. Sorry Sister Magz, No to MySpace...butt thanx 4 D Nveyet! Thanx 4 ur email early this morning Dtr Chassidy Nee =) Muah ={) then wala'au on and heh heh she's back


As for Valencia Martinez and Jocelyn Pascual Dacuycuy...Y cum u guyz no like wala'au wit me or suh n? n eh hu...have fun on it...heh heh heh


Ranelle Akau at dah Hellton Hawn Bitch ... still in Prison? Happy Bday


No School...Election Day


Hungout with Wes Flores in the morning


Smith Ohana Day at the Ypahu Shop


Pickup Wes' Mom and Dad at D airport


Holy CRAP!!! Gone for 9 hours and reactive account got 16 messages already from Facebook, Tagged and then sum =) eye sus...what did I get myself into? heh heh heh...Mahalo Ke Akua...back to work...then hangout with Wes Flores again...I going get locked out again o'wut...wut u guyz tank? heh heh heh like I care? noh!!! JAH will tek kea....not man/woman!!! Angels still backing my @$$ up LOST WWW so watch wut u say and du tuh meh...GOD IZ so watching all yallz!!!!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008 11:10 PM


Hi Lour!


Funny you sent this to my hotmail and I never check it but I happen to check it tonight. I use my yahoo instead same prefix *********


All is well here. I know my uncle is awesome. Hubby and I are very close to them!

I can't believe you still had pics of the first wedding.....haha


BTW, when did you leave the prizon? How come? So your other half is a bowler I take it huh....usually our last name is infamous for bowlers, construction workers or racers....


Haven't seen Rochelle in months so I didn't get the message. I'll be seeing her soon tho. I sooo wanted to go to your reunion but I wasn't feeling well.

So you're a stay at home mommy now...coool!!!


Keep in touch!!


Marla Maglangit Ravelo


Barack Obama won as the 44th Prez of the United States =) Congrats!!!


Wednesday November 5

JAH Morning ALLZ!!! wow...tagged got more friends...wanna join in Lost WWW? hee hee going on Facebook later to look for friends and family. =) Have a great day allz =) xoxo


Happy Bday Kevin Jonas =)


Owh HOT Dang...wut did I really get myself and Flashbacks of MySpace and Friendster...I sus =P thing at/on God's time Lour =) U brought it bring it ... I Shall!!! Gimme what U all got WWW!!! hee hee hee Miss Wala'au IZ Back =)


1:30pm Hair Appointment for Dean2 at Cathy's Hairstyling with Auntie Magz (808) 383-2779 first come first serve =)


Thursday November 6

HSA Writing Testing grade 4 and 6 EBES


Tentative refresh and teach cousin Rox Hula number Kauanoeanuhea by Keali'i Reichel's song for Dee'z Wed'n. owh wait...urz and mines different...ask Magz 4 D Video of Mama C'z Surprize 80th on Dec 2, 2006. She video taped us dancing 2 different ways. And Chas did her 2005 2nd Runner-up Keiki Hula Comp Dance and then us 3 danced 2 Pali's "Wahine Ilikea".


I update my cousin Jerry's LapTop yesterday only to make it go slower LOL and I can't seem to log off of so I'm up all night long and all day long LOL. It doesn't permit me to logout so don't think I'm on 24/7 ok LOST WWW? Thank you!


Thanks for adding me in your life on and Family and Friends =) I so love it. is a seduicing page hee hee hee Rated PG? LOL is all good too. Miss Wala'au is Back =) ttyl muahz ={) xoxo


Nice talking and seeing you again Lisa Sabas aka Triumphant 89 Waipahu Grad at Ewa Beach Pizza. We'll chat again later. And your sister Elsa did go to the Reunion in Vegas aye? And your dad still in Maintenance at the Hellton aye? Ok. C U soon again.


Passing of Ewa Beach's D. Julian =(


Friday November 7

HSA Writing Testing grade 4 and 6 EBES


Natasha Keala Flores Bday N Las Vegas


Mail out Car Payment and Insurance payment...thanx about the Sprint/Nextel Bill? Should I suspend it or what LOST WWW? Do you all have the home number? LOL


Hows my life so far LOST WWW? Intriguing? Not like all yallz? Well it's all in God's hands and no one elses! pah hah hah hah hah hah


Hoh, dramahz at Ewa Beach McDonalds with Hunter Anela Jean Smith til her daddy's workshop. She gadah have her way McDonalds...if not...she turn Pele'e Keiki hee hee hee Aries/Tauras hee hee hee Her mommy is Tauras/Gemeni =) chee hee =) Message from llwsbiggestfan10 "haha... ur amazing" LourdesMadriaga's reply "No God is amazing, I'm just his angel trying to follow his footsteps =) Have a GREAT weekend =)"


Have a great weekend allz and Be Safe!


Satuday November 8

Be at the Ewa Beach Smith Home by 7am Dean D Smith 1 says. Ok...will do. Ohana Day til 3pm. Pizza for lunch any one? Mrs. Doubfire and do crunches with Hunter in the living room =) Thank you my Smith Ohana =)


Surprise Hangout with D Ohana at Barbers Point Cabin with D Madriaga'z 4 Angel Unciano (bday was Oct 28) Have fun b mia again I think das my ohana day wit my Smith Babies =) Happy Belated Bday Angel!!


Hungout with Wes again =)


Sunday November 9

Denver 1996 of Happy Bday


Kimo Kim's Bday =) Happy Bday


Laundry then attempt to start walking 45 min - an hour again. I gettin fat get flabs aka tire around my waist LOL


Monday November 10

No School EBES


JAH Morn'n allz! Have a great day and week ahead! Did I miss any booh tayz bday from now until July 2009? 4gives! KDNN...L8rz!


Hungout with Wes at Schofield Bowling Center.


Tuesday November 11

No School EBES

Veterans Day =) Ykele Guess Outlet Sale...




Tuesday, November 11, 2008 8:43 AM




CD realease party of the year, Ten feet Music Fest at the Aloha Tower Market Place Saturday Nov. 15, 2008. I have included below, the updated festival line up. If you have not purchase your tix. please do not hesitate to call me to purchase. Please Forward to friends.


See you all there!


Jaz Pascua



6:00 Doors Open

6:15-6:45 Island Rythms


6:55-7:15 Anuhea


7:30-8:00 Typical Hawaiians


8:15-8:45 Rebel Souljahz


9:00-9:30 Kawao


9:45-10:25 Ekolu


10:40-11:20 Natrual Vibrations


11:30-11:40 I.A (hip hop)

11:40-12:40 Ten Feet

12:55-1:45 Three Houses Down

2:00 am Close / Good Night!


Have FUN allz! Owh Cuzin Rox U going to dis aye? Owh I see KPz name on dah email list too. Have fun Allz! Jaz and Harry! U guyz still get me haning on and ...or was it U guyz ever go on its or what? LOL KDNN


Owh crap...speaking of online stuffs...I slacking and friends and family...then hangout with Wes again heh heh heh Schofield Bowling Center any stalkers? heh heh heh


Monterey's =) And yes Uncle Rick (Leeward/New Hope Christian Fellowship)...I went to that one and Farrington and the Pearl Highlands one. I am the Church, I am the building and everyone gathers around me ;) LOL ... it's my aura =) Mahalo Ke Akua and yes I was born ready and was water baptized on Sunday, January 22, 2006 and proud of it! =) Thanks for the hangout today and this evening all! owh and Cousin Brad I saw your friend there also...I so 4got his name =( he's the one that made that song with you on that CD my son is so waiting for....1 year already LOL. Great professionals singers this evening I might add! GREAT job alls!


Thanks for paying the Sprint/Nextel Bill 4 3 months Mom. If only that company could fix what they screwed up that be GREAT! So I can text out ladat kine kuzez...Who do I complain to? They don't know how to do their jobs those reps when you call them. So ridiculous! LOL Lost 'cause LOL


Wednesday November 12

JAH morn'n DJz w/Mobile Disco and Virgin Virgil Seatriz LOL U guyz got my msg early this morning? so sorry! I had to b4i 4get LOL. The Best Reasonable Price please for sat 04.11.09 pac beach 1bday pty for Tryten Lee Makakoa Vicari. Mahalo Plenty get back to me via Yahoo...tanx ah!!! ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz...owh anteh flow where r u...heh heh heh aye alissa vallente sabate ;)


Schofield Bowling Center 4 lilo while =)


NYSE seeing you at Waipio Costco Minda Ramos Waipahu Grad Almighty 87=) Say Hi to all the Ramos Ohana 4 me...Raymond and Marlyn Idica Ramos, and Gregorio Ramos of Makakilo 4 me...thanx =)


owh Sistah Rellah on 102.7 MySpace Bday? DJ Teezah? hah? hu dat? Paradise...Tropical...wut again? N wussup wit all dat Instant Cup-O-Noodles? I mean Instant Request? Suh N nu? jus' wundrn...kbye


EBES Laua Lunch Committee 4 D 50th Anniversary 12:45pm in the Teachers Lounge

D. Chun, K. Kalani, L. Ariolo, T. Dias, L.Madriaga, D. Benner, K. Benner, M. Tanabe, D. Yonting, W. Chun, P. Bunn, L. Domingo .... more parents needed please...thank you =)


....meeting in session 1:05 - 1:50pm

Tentative Luau Lunch Date for the 50th Anniversary of EBES is Wednesday, September 9, 2009 aka 09.09.09 =)

Donation 30 lbs chicken from committee member

Fish from committe member

and all other donations of Hawn Food acceptable for any ouside company. Decorations as well =) Floral arrangements also =) Entertainment from EBES students also welcome. Committee member might dance a hula number or two if she's fit by that time LOL ;) Augie T aka Agusto ToolBar I mean Agusto Tulba, your name was brought up again since you too live in the community, We would appreciate a donation or voluntary time of yours to MC I think. Not sure. Anyone outside the school willing to help EBES with their 50th Annie, we'd really appreciate it. TV news caster also invited to attend to capture this on tape LOL. Aloha Luau Lunch Committee for the 50th Anniversary for EBES 2009-2010. owh and Kailey Tapaoan...thanx for ur hugs again =) luv'd it....and teacher's thanx 4 ur goodies today and yesterday....well appreciated =)


To: DagDagan Ohana From DJ Kwake aka Archie aka Cousin Jennifer Padilla's Hubby in Edmonton AB Canada


Today at 8:12am Msg

whudup Fam!!! how did you even find me?? Thats crazy.


So yea we had our wedding and you guys missed was crazy.


Hopefully we will see you guys soon. DJ Kwake aka Archie from Edmonton AB Canada


From DJ Kwake Today at 8:51am Msg


DJ sent you a message.


(no subject)


"thats alot of research!!! LOL thats awsome..yea we mosdef have to have a family reunion the SNOW!!!!"


end of msg...


Thanks for your email Cousin Maribel Apuya in NYC =) C U this Holiday for 13 days at our family get together and C U on Facebook next year LOL =)


Thanx 4 ur Text Sister Mags about going to the Rex Navarete's Comedy ShinDig this coming Sunday night at PipeLine Cafe. Have fun Ohana! Who has my original Van Keys? HELLO!!! LOL


Thursday November 13

JAH Morn'n Allz!!! Owh Anteh F where R U =) ...hum bah lah =)


Joymarie Batad LaRosa Suzuki 1969 Graduate of Pearl City High School 1987now in PA


owh Mom Charmaine Nee of Waimanalo and Virgin Virgil Seatriz of Maui No Ka Oishi Desu Ne...I was shlepin wen u all called. Me call u guyz laterz or me message u on Facebook Virg...thanx


owh hows asking me "Who would you rather be in handcuffs with Mitch L or Niko P" what you guys think friends on my Mitch L no moa juan pitchah but Niko P Get =) hhhmmm sorry Mitch L I still dono how u luk leyek ;) butt both of you IZ fine ;) LOL


Thanx Shelley Q on for picking me as the NYSER friend and the Better Profile =). Who was I up against? hee hee hee kidding. My luvz to ur ohana 4 me...thanx!


Thanx Kate S for picking me as fashionable...I'm really not LOL old school my dear. But Thank you. We'll get together soon =)


Evereh Booh Tay Scared message me on HomeGrownHawaii now aye? Y kuz I going post it on 4 d WWW to view? pah hah hah hah hah intriguing aye? I told JAH!!!!


Thanx for your Email Dixie dela Vegas of San Diego Cali =) Miss you guys! Hope all is well with everything! God Bless you all!


Friday November 14

Have A Safe and Fun Filled Weekend ALLZ and Be SAFE!!


KP U need 1 stick not 1 RainCoat =P And I love kids...can't U tell LOST WWW? pah hah hah hah hah hah =P


** Let the little children come to me. **

Matthew 19:14 (New International Version)

New International Version (NIV)

Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society


14 Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."


** Be happy always. **

1 Thessalonians 5:16 (New International Version)

New International Version (NIV)

Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society


16 Be joyful always;


** Trust in the Lord and do good. **

Psalm 37:3 (New International Version)

New International Version (NIV)

Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society


3 Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.


Ok now I gadah go get Medical/Dental and all that jazz...hum bah lah... =) HELP sum booh tay! Nah I gedum...check online and make a few calls to good and positive close friends and family heh heh heh =) Thanx Marj =) I knew I could always count on you...Quest it is and Waipahu Civic I come =)...I told you LOST WWW I'll make U All Pay! Pah hah hah hah hah hah =) Let's see if I qualify since I've walked out on the most evilest place on this Island the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa and Company!!! Pah hah hah hah hah hah!!!! 1 year now...heh heh heh Thank God! Now I'll take you up on that offer Rubber Toe Collins =) Hopefully I can buy Food for me to cook my kids that they love =) We Shall C =)


Wait! I'm not done 8!7(#!ng yet...owh Sprint/Nextel...if I changed my number will my texting plan work where I can text out? I still have to call you guys and bitch samoa!!! Only can get incoming text ... but can't text out? SUX pah hah hah hah hah hah ... sorry lost WWW I still can't text all yallz! I only text all yallz on my email account cuz I can ladat kine kuzez =P


Owh and thanx IRS...I think.... =) 3wks?


NYSE seeing you again Art Maglangit at the Schofield Bowling Center =) I wrote a novel to your niece Marla =)


Thanx 4 ur msg Virg about the DJ info. Um he work 4 n eh tang goez? Kiddin! heh heh heh ... hhhmmm hhhmmm hhhmmm aye DJz behind dah scenes on MS ur BS ;)


Thanks for the goods again EBES =) Greatly appreciated...learn to appreciate LOST WWW used or unused! Always be thankfull!!! It's the thought that counts and that means someone cares!!! U might be rich but they may not be. Get It? Got It? GREAT!


Owh Aggie T. so sorry I missed ur call. me was busy on me call u n a few thanx =)


wait wut 102.7 da bomb baby party station hu parties 7 knights a weak? Micah G at Hooters 18 and over? Das nutts d adah steh shen? n eh hu...carry on....da parties at dis station of course...what station? 102.7!!! true that...that reminds me...owh DJ Kreh Z Owh.... ;) Kelseyz? ;)


owh Real Deal studies on MySpace? Dis Kahu no longer on its on der Bulletin! Me onz where the LOST WWW can read!!! deh so lazy 2 open d holy bible I have to bring it to their FACES!!! hee hee hee...u get dat rich peoples? 2 lazy u guyz gadah invest in materialistic crap to keep u all happeh! N that includes laptops, computers and cell fone that gives u access to online stuffs...butt nutts meh, kids make me happy...Have a great evening allz!!!


Saturday November 15

Kimo Kealii Flores 2004 4th Bday in Maui muah


Kuzn Rox Madz going to D 10 Feet Concierto at Aloha Tower...sorry Pass Gas on dat juan ;) hee hee hee butt have fun allz!!!


Marlene Jacob Happy Bday! U still at d Hellton Hawn 8!7(# Resort & Spa? We'll do lunch on a weekend one day when I come and visit =) Hatsuhana was it's? And yes, I know, you're a fone call away and away! Have a good one today!


JAH morn'n allz...owh Dagdagan Ohana Flashback August 2006? We have 2 Graduates of Colleges next year? Charlene in Edmonton AB Canada or Britt in San Jose Cali. Where's our next shindig? DJ Kwake aka Archie said we should have a family reunion in the SNOW =) N e ways...enjoy ohana...sorry Britt...I know how you don't like embarrasing pix online...we all had fun that's why =)


1 britts debut august 2006 in cali


2 cali vbar 08.12-13.06


3 get together 08.13.06


4 mystery spot


5 outlet mall


6 gg bridge


7 morning n cali las day


Owh thanx 4 calling Aggie at 4pm =) Thanx 4 d 411 on d HHV. Wow 1 1/2 towers closed and 1/2 the department is on-call? Wow, the last I heard Joy said 1 was on call in Sept '08. How about da witch? Did they spare her or IZ she out? heh heh heh. Wow...who's hurting now? Not EYE!!! See when companies R so greedy...heh heh heh...but we'll mosdef meet up sometime for lunch or suh n. I have to meet up with Marlene Jacob....Hatsuhana sounds like a great plan =) Owh and congrats Char Nahinu on your Supervisor posision. U and Aggie sitting back to back from each other aye? We would've had fun together but that place IZ and will always be the most evilest place on this Island! Pay BAX aye royal queen BIATCH wen I'm in all your lives and u all rub me d wrong way...pah hah hah hah hah hah...hee hee hee =0 LOL


Wow Cris B...I'm HOTTER then who on Who was I up against? Ok boys...all you Fireman on my page...hose sum booh tay down ;) uh...hose my page down I guess? LOL Thanx Cris B =) You're the Best!


Sunday November 16

JAH Morn'in allz


Sundays 9am - 12pm Hawai'i Time


Laundry and my 2 babies with me while der daddy go bike riding =) 10am-6:45pm


owh Owh Seh Fer Ivan Sanchez aka Shannon (KCCN/FM100) Scott's cousin...I am not being's the other way around...heh heh heh....deh all paying and friends....c, u all working for satan...this angels bites u all n d @$$...feels good aye? Mahalo Ke Akua not meh!!! heh heh heh


Ludy Ann, Mary, and Ronnie Capitle Ohana in Vegas...God Bless and Be with you and your family at this time. May God give you all the strength to deal with your situation as he brings you all close together and God Bless your Daddy!


Florendo Dagdagan and Ohana God be with you all also in Vegas! Guardian Angel!


Monday November 17

EBES Spirit Week Backwards & Inside Out Day


JAH morn'n all you positive peepoz!!! Still praying for all you LOST Souls...pah hah hah hah hah hah!!! keh check if dat office open for applications ladat kine kuzez =P N no, not JOB application!!! I work for JAH and no evil companies Y 10-Q! The LOST WWW works for evil companies aka money hungreh companies that have no hearts pah hah hah hah hah hah! owh lost up!!!!!


Waipahu Civic Center Application... =P and no LOST WWW not for a Job I Said =P


Schofield Bowling Center... =) Nice meeting you Del and Mary Beasley =)


Owh Sistah Rellah...who's Bday on MySpace u sed? "S" on dah chest? Y hu else get Superman wit d "S" on dah chest? N eh hu....howz mines on bday to all 365 days of d year and on who ever I know....heh heh heh


Tuesday November 18

EBES Spirit Week Sports Day


JAH Morn'n allz!!! =P Still praying for all you LOST Souls aka Materialistic Peepoz....pah hah hah hah hah hah!!! and Jealous, Gossiping, Arrogant Peepoz aka Heartless peoples...ur hearts like mines yet? Galatians'll need it to enter the gates of HEAVEN =) I wonder when my number is up? hhhmmm....


Turn in my Application then Schofield Bowling Center N E Juan?


My Application will be forwarded to the Cpl Lei Office =) Just waiting on that call for my interview. And GREAT speaking to you yesterday Cousin Elena Cabanting Sakugawa. I will call you when my appointment is in Cpl Lei. Maybe we'll do lunch since it's on the same floor as your office and their office.


Happy 80th Bday Mickey Mouse =) Thanks 102.7 Da Bomb Baby Party Station! owh...that's my Ship!!! All abourd positive peepoz...all u evil aka negative peepoz...!! KEEP OUT !! God is still watching so stop Lying!!! and Showing off!!! comparison by Cris B

I am more Trustworthy =)

I look more like a Celebrity =P

I am a better dancer =?

I am more compassionate =)

and another I look more like a Celebrity =P....G thanx Cris B, I think. Who was I up against ;) Hoss Election N E Juan? ...owh and LOST WWW, I can't seem to log out of so don't think I'm on it 24/7. As for you people who wants to be my friend and I don't know, so sorry, I have to meet you in person 1st with an exception of Mitch L ;) BodyGuard ;)


Capitle Ohana In Vegas, God Bless you all...Your Dad's a Gaurdian Angel ok =)


Wednesday November 19

EBES Spirit Week Aloha Attire Day


JAH Morn'n left messages for me on or and who wants tuh be my friend? N E thang from also?


owh Tell Chris Brown come in August. Chas wants her sweet 16 with him as the entertainer ;) Where's our Party List Chas from August 4th 2007? heh heh heh


Have a great day allz =) Schofield Bowling Center ... NYSE seeing you again Del =) Did you get to eat filipino food after bowling?


Pick up my babies =) at EBES =)


Owh and Marj, have fun shopping at the Island Heritage Sale this weekend. I might be MIA. Did you get a bunch of people already? And Tory said no? We'll see.


GREAT seeing Josiah Kawika Boys...such an Angel, Caring and Loving =) You adults can learn a lot from him!!!!


Thursday November 20

EBES Spirit Week Hat Day


JAH Morn'n allz....Have a great day!


2000 Happy Bday 102.7 Da Bomb Baby

Party Station 7 Knights A Weak ;)

Waipahu Honolulu O'ahu

(808) 296-1027


Friday November 21

EBES Spirit Week Black & Yellow Day


JAH Morn'n Allz!!!


Studebakers? Ocean Club? No it's the NEW "Oceans 808" God Bless the Nu Club =) Party on peepoz!!!


It's Aloha Friday, But I work 24/7 4 D Almighty N so loving it LOST WWW!!! =P


Have a GREAT weekend and be safe!!!


owh Waipahu High School Drill Team 1987-88 School year ... flashbacks ... stretch out Ladies =)


Waipahu High School Drill Team 1987-1988 School Year

Expose - Let Me Be The One - Waipahu High School Assembly


Salt'n Pepper - Push It - Waipahu High School Assembly


Janet Jackson - The Pleasure Principle - Waipahu High School 50th Annivesary Homecoming 87-88 Half-Time


Saturday November 22

Island Heritage Sale. My Booh tay B M I A pah hah hah hah hah hah...Have fun Marj, I checked out the line at 8:30am, it's around Wholesale Unltd. Maybe I'll go tomorrow...owh mother, can you spare me sum mullahz? ;) And I'm glad you went out las'night with Shawna and Kevin Huddy at Chez Marj and Troy...what? 10 Feet was performing? Tell Braddah Don Baduria I said Hello ;)


Ohana Day cut short...sorry kids daddy said so, and Mommy Loves U U know that =) sorry dad don't make U guyz call me when you're with him....and I'm still waiting on them Social Security cards I lent you you daddy Dean1 said you were going to give it back to me last year...all mout again? Anyways, you can have it. I can always re-apply for their replacement Dean1 =) Enjoy your 4days with the kids and I'll see them on Wednesday. If you need me to pick them up just give me a buzz ...


The Waipio Little League World champions will hold an autograph session at Mililani Wal-Mart at 9 a.m. ... messages to the parents? Watch what you say in back of other parents...your kids are watching and hearing you all and so is God!!! Back stabbing is not required in this group. It is a no no. Whatever happened to "OHANA" Don't let things get to your head...Be Humble!!! Be Down To Earth! Thanx!!!


People who make other peoples lives a living hell aka make other peopoz lives sux 2 b u wen cum ur judgement day =P


Just got off and there's no Hawai'i Music Videos on there. So sad aye ODL? What did my son aka the General say Ten Feet? Das ok Jason Mraz has his "I'm Yours" heh heh heh hu did I text again? Harry Alonso .. I believe I did...still nobody like listen...owh well...such IZ life in Hawai'i nei =P


Sunday November 23

Island Heritage Sale. My Booh tay B M I A pah hah hah hah hah pass gas to on this juan =p rain and Wes my check it oots ;) sum booh tayz kalabash cousin heh heh heh


Zena Suzuki 2001 Happy Bday N PA


Cory Quiddaoen 2001 Happy Bday N Kaneohe


1970 Nancy Pagurigan W Happy Bday Dynamic 88 Waipahu Grad! Resides in Vegas


Owh Mama C...sheesh...I can not $#!7 in peace...eye sus...I was almost done yeah know. I should have locked the door. But I hope you got all the Water and Electric Bill all settled with the new and old tenants...Thank God they're gone and all are alive!!! =)


Monday November 24

JAH morn'n allz...I can have wutevah I like =) True that 102.7 da bomb baby party of the day... good luck everyone =) I don't need it... ;)


and as for all you heartless peoples out for all yallz... and


owh and no worries...I'm sooo satisfied =) heh heh heh


1970 Mariza Domingo Mendoza Happy Bday! Aeia Na Ali'i 88 Grad


Interview with the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services 9:15am Room 106...owh cousin Elena Cabanting Sakugawa, Let's do lunch ok =) Pay up sum booh tay...heh heh heh...Life IZ so aye royal queen BIATCH when I'm in your lives!!! I told'JAH sowh! =P Play with God's Angel...bring it on cause I will so bring it LOST WWW!!!!


Wow this pix already has 122 the LOST WWW is paying attention to me...'cause I only forward these to like only less then 10 people via email...heh heh heh...and choke accounts I got 2 8!7(# about adah peepoz...soo still, watch wut u do n seh tuh meh lost www, I will so document it on here where everyone can read it....LMFAO...pardon my french =)


Interview me passed on the Financial stuff...I don't wana mek dem daddehz a Dead Beat there...sorry financialz....medical coming up and I getting paid =) chee hee =) for food that IZ =) Thanx LOST WWW for paying me up =)


Sistah Rellah whuz Looshes from Waipahu On MS Bday? Have a great day!


Schofield Bowling Center =)


Virgin Virgil Pee Benito Pee Seatriz Jr of Maui No Ka Oishi Desu kuz ;) kidding! xoxo


Tuesday November 25

145 views on this pix heh heh heh....


song of the day 102.7 da bomb baby party staytion good luck allz! I don't need it...juiced prize ;) heh heh heh


JAH Morn'n allz....yesterday was a blast but so tiring by the sorry Wes, I k/o'd zzzz but I got a credit card that has no interest chee hee!!! N Nyse wala'au'n witu Eme Miguel Mauricio =) Waipahu High School 87 Almighty Grad. Maybe I'll meet up with you guys this Sunday, I'll give u a call. And thanx cousin Elena Cabanting Sakugawa for wala'au'n wit me 2. I think we'll make it to Mama Cz on Thursday Thanksgiving Dinner. We'll C.


Me otot I mean pass gas tonite Melonie Madrid for Mai Tai Rumble and Koauka =P been der, dun dat aye Braddah Keems n Braddah Mike!!! Butt Have fun Ohana!!!


Have a GREAT Day allz....another day onther dollar ...owh yeah ;) heh heh heh...well...not til Wednesday I think =) we shall C =)


Hey DJ Kool-E I love your favorite scripture in the Bible: Philippians 4:13 for I can do everything God asks me to with the help of Christ who gives me the strength and power.... soo true lost www... he gives me the power to change all your hearts to Galatians 5:22-23...But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives (not money and materialistic crap) he will produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfullness, gentleness and self-control....there yeah all gowh!!! and read my MySpace Profile LOST did rain for 40days 2006 in Hawai'i just like in the Holy Bible...he's cleansing the world of all evil...change evil world!!! That was his warning!!!! ... I regret to inform you all I am no longer active on that accont but read on...too much dramaz my family and friends I got better ones on and and heh heh heh...


Experiencing God--Unit 8 Luke 14:33 "Any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple." there yeah gowh LOST WWW...that's my calling Family and Friends....heh heh heh!!!


Wednesday November 26

Kimo Kealii Flores flies in from Maui =)

Natasha Keala Flores and Baby Nathaniel flies in from Vegas =)


168 views to date on this pix...heh heh on LOST WWW!!!! I am so bringing it!!!! owh my manners... JAH morn'n allz!!!, and lateleh? heh heh heh

song of the day Eminem- Drug Ballad sorry swearing on Good Luck and Have a great day =)


Thanx Hawaiianblend on my MySpace for your greeting. I hope you and your family and friends have a GREAT Holiday and JAH Bless you all as well! xoxo...thanx 4 keeping that page ALIVE LOL sorry, I refuse to sign back in. Too much dramaz I don't need in my POSITIVE life LOL


Thursday November 27

!!Happy Thanksgiving WWW!!


JAH Morn'n Allz...175 views today for this heh heh heh you should see the other months view "CHOKE" anyways...Facebook Darin Quiocho saying: "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile" and I wrote back:

"P.S. I love your saying by the way. That's how I live my life =) and that's how everyone else should live theirs as well =) You know what I mean, they're all too into themselves LOL" U get it LOST WWW?


Message to the Hellton Hawaiian 8!7(# Resort & Spa aka Money Hungreh and most evilest place on this Island: "I am blessed. I never went into a depression or had any problems like you all do (money issues). I know it's because I have the Power of three and all things positive on my side Our Heavenly, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and them Heavenly Angels protecting me (Read my MySpace LOST WWW!) They help me to be strong and believe in what I believe is right and not what is wrong! I don't feel sorry for you! You all should feel sorry for yourelsves (LOL)...who's hurting now? Not I LOL I take what life gives me and I make the best of it. Yes, absolutely no dang dramah!...the end!!!!"


Thanksgiving Lunch with the Vicari's =) Thanx 4 D Nvite....our booh tay b der Marj and Ohana =)...dag nab its...we're soo full!! Thanks for a great lunch and your company was so Awesome. Luv U All Vicari and Pascual Ohana. Let's dance to Beyonce's Single Ladies Tory and I'm waiting for you to make me blended Margarita at the Cristmas gathering ;) and I wont tell if you wont tell. Let's shake it for your Gramz Pat Vicari ;) Pix and Video to be uploaded in God's Time =) Be Patient =)


NYSE Chatting with you Gramz Inang from San Jose Cali =) our regards to all in Cali for us. Rest up and den out and about...Ohana pah leeze don't give me dramaz...I don't need it in my positive life Y 10-Q! JAH tells me what to do not men nor women...pah hah hah hah hah hah!!!! Trust no says it in the Holy Bible!!!!


Where's Thanksgiving this year Ohana? Mama C'z aka Poailani Hud? Yeps for Dinner Have fun all yallz ;) No dang dramahz I hope =P


No School EBES

Ykele Guess Outlet Layaway N eh booh tay?


Friday November 28

No School EBES


JAH Morn'n Allz!!!! 203 views of today on this pix heh heh heh read on LOST WWW!!! Song of the day...102.7 da bomb baby party station... It Might Be You - Kai for all you men who think you know the world, you guys need tuh get ur face in the Holy Bible. You're all too lost in this so called real world u lost your souls! For your next life time when you all become female dogs...owh wait...that's what you are now...LOL heh heh heh....all mout n always 8!7(#!ng 4 all D wrong reasons!!!! Get a REAL Positive life!!! heh heh heh Need I mention names from lastnight In-Laws? heh heh heh....I know everyone's record so there...who dare tells me who to see and who not to see. Invisible or REAL? REAL of course =P And who dares tell me about the job market? Ain't everyone getting laid off? Heh! I am my own boss! Get it? Got It? GREAT! As for the payments on all the materialistic crap, mother has a separate account to pay for it so all in yo faces!!! You guys like contribute? Go ahead! The Van I didn't think of me, I thought of all the other kids we have to care for on the weekends, summer, and school breaks and stuff keh?


Now you tell me who's selfish? pah hah hah hah hah hah!!!! All for I charge any of you? Nope! It's all for love aka for God! God IZ Love aka Aloha Ke Akua!...Carry on!!! LOST WWW dismissed!!!!


Mama Claudia Dagdagan Madriaga Happy Bday


Shopping for Christmas Gifts Sale n eh booh tay? BLACK Friday wuz its?





To view the latest Black Friday ads, go to:


Thanks Alissa Vallente Sabate email 11/17/08


Gail Kawaguchi Happy Bday at dah Hellton Hawn Bitch ... still in Prison? Happy Bday


Menchie Manmano Happy Bday! Resides in San Jose Cali is under going maintenance for a couple hours...I must be making a dent there as well...heh heh heh...change evil lost www LOL


Thanx Mom Charmaine Nee for the 411 on Leesu McKeague, it brought me to tears that I tried holding back...still =*( with Hunter asking me "why R U crying Mommy?" I left the Ohana a message on * Please fill out all required fields

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Aloha Ke Akua, Lourdes Saludes Madriaga and Family 11.28.2008

)@@( Gaurdian Angel...C U Soon Muah ={) Thanx 4 ALL D GREAT Memories =) and sharing your dream with me that I was in with all your McKeague Aunties =)


Saturday November 29

220 views on this pix =) JAH Morn'n out time so get off yo @$$3% Men and of the day


Ohana Day cut short...but did some grocery shopping =) 9 grocery bags with my no interest credit card LOL...I'm RICH!!! God sed so...My HEART aye son aka the General =) Mommy luvz u all Muah ={) Hope you had fun with daddy at Ala Moana. And thanks 4 D Pot Luck Nvite today Nmates. Maybe next time ok =)


Mililani Cemetary to visit all my Guardian Angels =) TTYL...


Owh Mom Charmaine Nee thanks 4 D 411 on everything again. Please keep me posted Muah ={)


Great seeing you again Auntie Cora, Auntie Ester, and Uncle Boy. So good fun to catch up and talk stories LOL


Sunday November 30

JAH morn'n allz...Laurdry Day and my 2 na keiki might come today cause their dad might go bike riding. We shall C... Have a Blessed Sunday!


Yaye! ok I'm picking up my 2 na keiki at the shop while their daddy go bike riding. ok kids...lunch is already made =) and Mama Fely is playing Christmas songs in the living room of Forte...LOL me still on 102.7 n d room hee hee hee....9:45am - 6:30pm with 4 bags of groceries heh heh heh


Sundays 9am - 12pm Hawai'i Time


ok Chas...thanx 4 wala'au'n wit me via text./yahoo acct..not to late on your laptop and texting ok...luv yea Muah ={) Muah ={) Muah ={) don't 4get 2 send me D pix =) Luv Yo Mama


owh Dean2 and Hunter Gyrl, Mommy loves you and will miss u also. C U on Wednesday =) Muah ={) Muah ={) Muah ={)


237 views as of 12.01.08 and will keep rising heh heh heh


258 views as of 12/04/08 and still rising...I told all yallz! heh heh heh


284 views as of 12/07/08 and still rising...heh heh heh

88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88


Aloha with D 88s aka xoxo aka hugz n kisses, SoulJAH Mommy Lourdes Saludes Madriaga aka "B All Dat U can Pee eye mean B... Chee Hee!!


peace out!!!


88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88


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