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Drifting snow frames a geophysical survey plane with stinger parked on the Rankin Inlet tarmac due to high winds on a sunny day. The sked's are still flying though.

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  1. Sea Moon 86 months ago | reply

    What's a stinger? I can see it there, but what is it's function...

  2. romfey 86 months ago | reply

    Great...you livin on intresting place....i realy wanna be there...ciao

  3. subarcticmike 86 months ago | reply

    i can offer you as much snow rolling as you want with your sauna under the aurora

    Thx for the fav Sea Moon
    The stinger hangs a 2nd magnetic sensor out there in planar gradient mode versus the 1st sensor in the aircraft. Ground magnetic surveys have two sensors separated vertically for axial gradient measurement. All magnetic surveys measure the magnetism of the rocks below by using the ever-changing Earth's magnetic field.

    in plain English (and thank goodness for number-crunching computers)
    gradient = measuring the numerical rate of change of a physical effect.

  4. Sea Moon 86 months ago | reply

    Interesting...I was way off in my guess, I thought it might've been for refueling in midair, because it looks vaguely like one of those things you see on larger planes. Nice desolation in the photo, I'm a sucker for landscapes like that.

  5. Helen Marie Brown 86 months ago | reply

    great photo, too cold for me :-)

  6. ladigue_99 86 months ago | reply

    otherwordly scenery!

  7. cheap writing [deleted] 86 months ago | reply

    hermosa foto!

  8. earthy lunch [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

    Great light with that blowing snow.

  9. zxgirl 85 months ago | reply

    Oh, yeah - like Sea Moon says - nice desolation. I like the foggy effect of the blowing snow, and seeing it down at the edge - brrrr! Great scene. Thanks for sharing.

  10. five top [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

    Brilliant 'atmosphere' shot!

  11. Nancy Rose 85 months ago | reply

    wow..your weather really is harsh..what a terrific shot to show us the reality of the North

  12. Morgan Swant 85 months ago | reply

    Hey I know the guy that flys this plane!! They got stuck in Red Lake on the way up there. Small world in the North. Great shot!!

  13. subarcticmike 85 months ago | reply

    but when stuck between a snowdrift and an iceberg, ya' make do
    (when I need to appreciate the -southern- tundra, I watch the weather rpt from Eureka)

    maybe the cold folks up on Ellesmere Island and Ice Station Zebra watch the weather in Antarctica?

    Morgan, a second one of these planes turned up, any left down there?

  14. Morgan Swant 85 months ago | reply

    None here at the moment. They just got stuck on the way up there for a few days. Their company has really strict weather SOP's.

  15. subarcticmike 85 months ago | reply

    'stuck for a few days on the way' pretty much sums up travel North of 60...

    I've heard Rankin's claim to fame is the most flyovers of any tarmac in Canada.

  16. Morgan Swant 85 months ago | reply

    Ha Ha I could see that. I totally understand the stuck thing. I got stuck in Deline for 8 days while doing a service Canada trip. I had a blast though.

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