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    A box of wonders at the Manitoba Museum. If anyone can provide names of species, have at 'em.

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    1. Chiot's Run 104 months ago | reply

      I grew up as a missionary kid in Colombia, South America and one of the things our family did to pass the time was collect bugs and butterflies. What a lovely collection!

    2. subarcticmike 104 months ago | reply

      thx for the fav TDiGennaro, you should have some nice ones down there

      and thx! for stopping by, Chiot's Run. Your 'stream is primo garden. May I suggest Deirdre McCoskrie's delightful gallery 'Finding Faerieland'?

    3. GEO M I 104 months ago | reply

      Nature's been at it again with the old paintbrush! Spectacular mix of color.

    4. wanderflechten 104 months ago | reply

      often quoted Alfred Russel Wallace (from ) :

      [on the capture of a new birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera croesus) on Bacan Island, Indonesia...] "The beauty and brilliancy of this insect are indescribable, and none but a naturalist can understand the intense excitement I experienced when I at length captured it. On taking it out of my net and opening the glorious wings, my heart began to beat violently, the blood rushed to my head, and I felt much more like fainting than I have done when in apprehension of immediate death. I had a headache the rest of the day, so great was the excitement produced by what will appear to most people a very inadequate cause." (From Wallace's 1869 book The Malay Archipelago)

    5. subarcticmike 104 months ago | reply

      thx for the paint, geo, and the fav, carl.

      Richard, wikipedia says that ought to be Wallace's golden birdwing, second up from bottom right.

    6. petedepeet 104 months ago | reply

      @wanderflechten, look up "Stendhal syndrome" aka "Florence syndrome"...interesting.

    7. subarcticmike 104 months ago | reply

      aah, but perhaps there should be some distinction made between medically-studied city-dweller overheated by artistic atmosphere of another city versus lone observer being overwhelmed by mother nature.
      thx for the interesting lookup, pdp

    8. wanderflechten 104 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the identification Mike. Its great to see what Wallace was writing about. (Now I'm spening too much time looking at Birdwings on line.)

    9. wanderflechten 104 months ago | reply

      Thanks petedepeet for informing me of Stendhal syndrome. The Wikipedia entry on it brought to mind Strakhov's remarks about the "ecstatic aura" which preceeded Dostoyevsky's epileptic seizures:

      Fyodor Mikhailovich often told me that before the onset of an attack there were minutes in which he was in rapture. "For several moments," he said, "I would experience such joy as would be inconceivable in ordinary life - such joy that no one else could have any notion of. I would feel the most complete harmony in myself and in the whole world and this feeling was so strong and sweet that for a few seconds of such bliss I would give ten or more years of my life, even my whole life perhaps."

      The introduction to a copy of "The Idiot" that I no longer possess quoted (if I recall correctly) Dostoyevsky relating how he experienced the same rapture on seeing a particular painting in Italy.

    10. ceaseless reward [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

      J'adore, superbe...

      View my photos at

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