1,800,000,000 Years Stromatolite

Example of Proterozoic algal matting. Layers, beds and reefs made of sun-loving slime lived for billions of years in shallow waters. When macro lifeforms evolved 600 million (or so) years ago, stromatolites became snail food. Today, stromatolites survive in hypersaline water such as the Hamelin Pool in Shark Bay, Australia. Fist-sized sample collected from the Pethei Formation, Blanchet Island, East Arm, Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada.

  • Steve PRO 7y

    Neat fossil from a location most of us will never visit. Thanks for sharing it and the story behind it.
  • Ash PRO 7y

    Wow. That you knew what it was is great. That it's so incredibly old is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  • Mike Beauregard PRO 7y

    Many thanks, fossil buffs!
    There's a couple of km of stromatolite reefs strung along the shores of Blanchet Island. A Japanese museum has collected metres n' metres of a birdsnest-shaped bed for display. FranH posts a neat pix of the birdsnest pattern.
    stromatolite by FranH

    It is carveable too, Kevin Hildahl has a photo of the stromatolite marble carving in the Territorial Legislature Bldg.
    Marble Fishheads by Kevin Hildahl
  • Lakerdog PRO 7y

    never saw this; fantastic fossil....thanks for the explanation
  • Alisha Vargas 7y

    I love your strom shot! What a great piece. I love that it isn't the typical ball shape.
  • Kiril Dachev 6y

    HI, i thing i have this fossiles near my home ....ciao
    Tyulenovo,BG by romfey

    Tyulenovo,BG by romfey
  • john-n 6y

    Hey, my ancestor! You photograph well in your old age.
  • Mike Beauregard PRO 6y

    Thx for the fav! paleobear
    More fossils scattered through-out my favorites and in one of my sets.
  • sammy4ever 3y

    Gotta love that billion year old sun-loving slime! Thats really is pretty amazing. I am not a geologist so please correct me if I am wrong but is it the stromatolites that we have to thank for our oxygen? Were they the coral reef creatures that slowly cleaned our air over billions of years? Mike - You have one of the coolest and most interesting photostreams! Thanks for the beautiful photos and instruction. Pam
  • Mike Beauregard PRO 1mo

    sorry Pam for the long delay in my back eddy!
    here's a link to my global stromatolite gallery
    come see?
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