Kingston University Foundation Application
I am passionate about film, photography and drawing – these are the subjects that truly interest and inspire me and provide me with a much needed artistic outlet.

I am currently placed, due to my language processing difficulties, at a Sixth Form college in Derby, which does not offer a wide array of art courses. I therefore attended a number of part-time, art based courses in an adult education setting, demonstrating my ability to cope within a mainstream environment.

I was very impressed with the facilities on offer at Kingston when I visited last October. I feel the foundation course will not only provide a platform for me to consolidate my skills but also the opportunity to move towards a full time degree course at Kingston.

I feel lucky to have an artistic mind; it helped me to cope with my language processing problems throughout my school years. For example, even from a very young age I was able to create original games and cool sculptures out of cardboard boxes and other items, which opened the door for classmates to interact with me in a positive, non-verbal way.

My Father is a film editor and a photographer and I‘m very lucky to have the opportunity to sometimes work alongside him. I have accompanied him during a number of urban explorations and taken photographs of abandoned buildings. I have discovered that it is possible, with a camera, to create a feeling, paint a picture and tell a story.
I love speaking with pictures, I love reading with imagery.

My life so far, is all about the creative world, I want to continue my artistic and creative journey with like-minded tutors and staff at Kingston. I hope you will let me, so I can learn much more of what I love the most.
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