International Space Station 151/366

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    We spent the night out at Stanage Edge in Derbtshire last night to do a bit of LP (more of that to come after I've had some sleep!) but the night culminated in getting a shot as the ISS passed over at 3.13 this morning. It was visible for just under 6 minutes as it crossed the sky at 17,500 mph!
    Unbelievably the sky was actually starting to get light as dawn was about to break (us light painters don't get much time out at this time of year!) so the trail is not quite as bright as I'd have liked as balancing the exposures of this is very tricky (and you only get one go!)

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    1. McRusty 35 months ago | reply

      Well done. A super shot of it.

    2. ~ jules ~ 35 months ago | reply

      What a pearler of a shot mate. Looking forward to the LP action mate.... I'm missing that light painting thing were meant to do at the minute... Not to far from me this place, maybe hit it up for a collab one evening when theres a bit more dark time and a full moon?

    3. [inFocus] 35 months ago | reply

      yes deffinately! This is about 2 mins drive from my brothers house, can't believe I've not done it before now. The moonlight wasn't too great last night even though it was clear but was fun to get back to painting the landscape manually
      again, it seems so long since I did that instead of just relying on the moon!

    4. Gareth Brooks 35 months ago | reply

      Excellent shot of it! It's a nightmare isn't it the late nights and very early mornings! I was up that mountain last night at 10.00 and had to wait until nearly 11 for it to go dark enough to really have a good play! Shame you 2 live down South, it'd be amazing to do a joint effort some time.

    5. edwinemmerick 35 months ago | reply

      WOW great catch

    6. Notkalvin 35 months ago | reply

      That's pretty amazing. Really makes me think. Well done.

    7. Dan Chui (on/off!) 35 months ago | reply

      Wonderful~ like the blue tones! Super!

    8. Farshad Sanaee The Apple 34 months ago | reply

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