LCVP landing craft at the D-Day Museum, Portsmouth

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    This is in fact a real LCVP - a "Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel", also known in the US as a "Higgins Boat" after its designer, Andrew Higgins from New Orleans. After the end of WW2, there were many similar landing craft all over the Portsmouth area, which were sold off to whoever wanted a small, flat-bottomed craft. We acquired this one from its previous owner some years ago. The ramp is not original, as the previous owner had removed it and boarded over the bow (I guess he didn't need to use it as a landing craft) but the rest of the craft is real. Unfortunately the identification number of this specific landing craft is lost, so we don't know its exact history, but we have given it the number of an LCVP that we know, from old photos, was used in the Portsmouth area in 1944.

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