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Beach Ballerina | by Wandabrowneyes (OUT more than IN right now)
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Beach Ballerina

I know I have not been around for many reasons out of my control since last September. Stress and sadness during those months and still now!

I was reminising on happy fun times last night and going through my photo stream of public and private pics. I ran across this one that made me smile so with a little tweaking I decided to post today. I hope you like it!!

My precious cat Snowball, which I was going to post today, is in the first stages of renal failure! (U can find pics of him in my stream)He is 18-20 years old(a rescue) and we decided to stop putting him through extreme measures to prolong his life and possibly further discomfort. He has not been able to poop for almost a year and 1/2 and I have even taken him with me on trips to my best friend who battles cancer to visit so he could get all his meds and not miss any dosages. He still has needed about 7 enemas in the last 12 months. The enema Thursday failed to eliminate anything and he would now have to go back(I would not let him stay overnight) have ex rays,anesthesia, another enema, fluids and then fluids 3xs a week with no guarantee he would ever poop again on his own without the above being done regularly to a tune of $500+ monthly and the added liquid costing $50-150 weekly in addition to all the meds he is already on?

So, I sit here now with sadness as I know my boy is not well at all yet I know he does not want to leave home regularly and have all that done. It also upsets his buddy Domino who avoids him for 3-4 days after Snowball returns. I have never needed to make this decision. I know some do not understand the concept of an animal being so important to one but he has been my buddy & bed mate for years and I have been his caregiver for over a year with 4 different medications 3 different times daily! I think he has been pleading with me in his own way each time I had to medicate him that he did not want any more as he would walk away from me and go to the closet where I could not reach him.

Either way it has been difficult, would be difficult adding more medication and is difficult each day not knowing if you have made the right decision for him and watching him wither away. He has been a gentle polite cat!! He has thyroid disease, is urinating way too much, cannot poop even with an enema but is eating 3 x's daily like he will not get enough and drinking lots of water??

I recommend anyone having a pet get pet insurance. I actually think it would be great if the vet clinics would provide the information!! It would have been a drop in the bucket considering what we have spent for procedures and medications!!

This follows 6 weeks waiting to know if my husband had cancer..he does not !

Thanks for stopping by! I have missed you and your streams!

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Taken on April 23, 2010