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Movie#17_Contents-Oshima | by Doctor Noe
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Rio Yokoyama in Nagisa Oshima's "Diary of a Shinjuku Thief"


Movie #17, WINTER 1969-70 – RARE AUTEURIST CINEMA MAGAZINE - Oshima, Sam Fuller


#17 includes …

RARE INTERVIEWS with Nagisa Oshima, Sam Fuller


Movie was a London-based film magazine edited by Ian Cameron. The fabled film magazine published from the 1960s through the current cineaste present. Contributors incuded, Peter Bogdanovich, Robin Wood, Ian Cameron and Charles Barr.


Movie Issue No. 17 Winter, 1969 - '70


(slick cover, center stapled, with book bond interior pages)


Theme: Oshima.


Table of Contents:

"In Memoriam: Michael Reeves," Robin Wood, pages 2 - 6.


"Nagisa Oshima Introduction," Ian Cameron, pages 7 - 8.


"Nagisa Oshima Interview," Ian Cameron, pages 8 - 14.


"Nagisa Oshima Filmography," Ian Cameron, pages 15 - x.


"Chabrol and Truffaut," Robin Wood, pages 16 - 24.


"Samuel Fuller: Two Interviews [Paris 1965; California, 1969]," Stig Bjorkman; Mark Shivas, pages 25 - x.


"Ingmar Bergman's Shame," Michael Walker, pages 32 - 34.


"The Party," Charles Barr, pages 34 - 35.


"Festival Films [Adalen '31, Benito Cereno, The Bookseller Who Gave Up Bathing, Breve Storia di un Piccolo Racconto, Cardillac, Dillinger e morto, Duet for Cannibals, Fellini Satyricon, La Fiancee du pirate, Hunting Scenes from Bavaria, Like Night and Day, Ma nuit chez Maud, Porcile, Prologue, Le Samourai, Un soir, un train, Sotto il segno dello scorpione, Sweet Hunters, The White Game, Z,]," Ian Cameron, pages 36 - 37.


"Letter From Hollywood," Peter Bogdanovich, page 38.


"New Films [Alice's Restaurant, Michael Walker, The Arrangement, Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Che!, Easy Rider, Goodbye Mr. Chips, The Good Guys and the Bad Guys, John and Mary, Justine, Midnight Cowboy, The Model Shop, The Secret of Santa Vittoria, The Sterile Cuckoo, Tell Them Willie Boy is Here, Topaz, True Grit, Sweet Hunters, The White Game, Z, La voie lactee, The Wild Bunch, Winning, Women in Love,]," otherwise unsigned, but presumably Ian Cameron, pages 38 - 40.


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