Baker's Bike!

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    1. 59 months ago

      Great setting.

    2. 59 months ago

      Who is Baker?

    3. METROFIETS 59 months ago

      thanks all! Baker is Adam at Broken Frame Baker here in Portland.

    4. npGREENWAY 59 months ago

      reminds me of something Frank Lloyd Wright would have ridden.... beautiful....

    5. ramona wheelright 59 months ago

      omg. breathtakingly beautiful.

    6. npGREENWAY 58 months ago

      yup.... still like..... waiting for a glimpse of it around town...

    7. edwardare 57 months ago

      +1 that is beautiful!~! What kind of bike is it? or did he create this number himself?

    8. RACINGMIX 50 months ago

      Awesome. Although with such a bike, the budget required for such a creation exceeds its user's blue collar pockets.

    9. METROFIETS 49 months ago


      Hear me out because *really* our bike are a screaming deal!

      Example: Buy a used car (a fairly reliable one- about 6 years old) for $3800 - cash.
      Every month you will PAY about $424 / month to own your car.
      That's almost $9000 cash out of pocket for the first year of ownership.
      Try asking your boss for a 9K raise as see what happens.
      Oh, and after five years of ownership, you will have spent just over $29,000!
      That's a lot of trips to Cabo, my friend.

      THE NUMBERS (hope I got them right).

      Let's assume you get five years out of the car (our bike frames have a lifetime warranty BTW)
      5 years -- $760 / year or about $63 / month.
      Insurance -- $500 / year or about $45 / month.
      Oil changes and tires about $600 or about $50 / month
      Maintenance -- about $50 / month. (wipers, fluids, belts, filters, new bulbs car wash. etc)
      Gas -- (assuming you fill your tank once a week)15 gallons @ $3.65 = $216 / month

      Add those up and you PAY about $424 / month!
      Again, that's almost $9000 for the first year and $29,000 over five years.

      The moral (insert bike propaganda here). :)

    10. 49 months ago

      Don't forget the unexpected costs when something breaks, and it will, and it is always hundreds of dollars. The most expensive repair bill on my cargo bike so far is an tube.

    11. joe-bike 49 months ago

      Hey All,
      This cost/benefit analysis is something that needed to be put out there. Thank you, Phil. I just posted about it at

      I think Phil's analysis was conservative. Even so, 30K in 5 years is a lot of money. Then think of 10 years, or 20, compounded with interest. It's astounding.

    12. boxcycles 49 months ago

      Parking permits/meters/tickets in cities can easily cost a few hundred bucks a month - often the most overlooked/biggest expense of car ownership in urban areas.

    13. zakschwank 49 months ago

      The smiles alone while my kids and I ride are incentive enough to not drive a car. Gorgeous bike!!

    14. Civilized Conveyance 49 months ago

      I did a similar analysis based on my own records from five years of car ownership. My final number was about $340/month, including depreciation, but gas was cheaper then and I only burnt about 2/3rds as much gas as Phil estimates above. Still, total cost was a little over $20,000 for five years. And I didn't include parking meters and other incidentals.

      Since selling the car, I also lost 20lbs from the waistline. Priceless!

    15. METROFIETS 49 months ago

      Thank you all for the comments!

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