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010/365 - Honey-Do Day

The dryer died. I went to look at a used replacement but decided not to get it. My drivers' side rear tire has a slow leak so I went by the tire store to get it fixed and it was packed.. Just left.


Picked up lunch for 2, took it to my Honey's work and had lunch with her.


Then went home meaning to look up dryer repair places and took a nap instead!!


I love weekends..


P.S. This picture took a lot more effort than I thought it would.


First, my gorillapod didn't want to stay on top of the passenger side seat.


Secondly, this camera came with an infrared-based remote switch. The problem is that infrared is line-of-sight and the infrared receptor on the camera is on the front of it just to the right of the lens. This means that you pretty much have to have the switch in front of the camera pointing directly at it..


So... guess what that means the camera takes a picture of?.. You pointing the remote switch at it!!


In this picture, my left hand is actually up behind my head trying to be sneaky and point the remote at the camera without it being in the picture. Not sure this particular switch technology is going to turn out as wonderful as I thought. We'll see...


Bluetooth would have been a much better technology for the remote.


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Taken on November 22, 2008