Yokomono Installations
“delightful wireless symphony” (The wire 2008)

The Staalplaat Mono Erosive Surround Sound Installation.
The installation is inspired by the experience of driving in a car close to the Funkturm (Radio and TV Tower) in Berlin, passing quickly in and out of different radio signals.

For the YOKOMONO installation: we bring over two hundred radios. As each killer will play its own record (locked groove records made by us for the installation) it opens up a separate audio stream. We thereby generate and control a multi-channel sound system. By arranging the radios in groups it becomes possible to explore the architectural dimensions of the space. Some radios are tuned to the same frequency, here we use small battery operated radios on sets of the train models to map the transmission in the space, for it will drive through the interfering frequencies.

YOKOMONO got at Prix Ars Electronica 2006 a Honorary Mention Digital Musics
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